Mikhail's Deli


In Southside, top right.

Intro Text


Welcome to the deli! Do you need to talk or are you just looking for a bite to eat?

Or, if you refused his 500 credit reward:

Check out the new grill! Business has been doin' great, thanks to you.


Item Cost
cup of Joe 2 credits
jumbo hot dog 2 credits
grilled panini 5 credits
Mikhail's Jumbo Platter 15 credits

Upon completing the Docks Quest and declining the 500 credit reward, Mikhail buys a new grill and the following changes occur:

  • New items are added to the menu
Southside panini 10 credits
cup of Southside blend 15 credits
Mikhail's Grill Platter 25 credits
Mikhail's Jumbo Platter 10 credits


Talk to the Locals: Mikhail, Lo, Zack

(More people are added to this list as you unlock them and keep them alive)

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