Midgard Security Patrol



Encounter Conditions

If you haven't attacked a sleeping refugee.

Initial Text

A Midgard Security guard walks through the place clearly on patrol. She gives you a bit of a nod as she walks past, but doesn't seem terribly interested in you otherwise.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stop to chat - Gain 2 XP Will
  2. Offer some Joe -Gain 2 XP in Will, lose cup of Joe (After stopping to chat with Downtown security ID, with cup of Joe in inventory)
  3. Offer horrible coffee - Gain 6 XP in Will, lose horrible black coffee (After stopping to chat with Downtown security ID, with horrible black coffee in inventory)
  4. Start something - Fight Midgard Security Expert, does not raise alert even if you win
  5. Pass on by - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Stop to chat

She seems confused at first about why you've approached her, asking if there's any trouble. But you get the impression that, despite being on her feet all day, she actually seems to like her assignment.

There's something sort of refreshing about talking to someone who doesn't hate their job.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Or, in Office Worker Outfit:

You try to talk to her, but she gives you only the most terse responses. You're not sure if she's trying to avoid you or if she's just trying to avoid saying anything at all.

Or, in Priest Outfit:

"Hello," she smiles a bit, which seems heartfelt but still somehow looks unnatural with the Midgard Security uniform.

"Things here seem to be clear. No problems from the sleeping folks and a couple folks on break from Midgard."

She doesn't seem to have any idea of what to talk to you about beyond the status reports, but goes back to her rounds.

Or, with 3+(?) Midgard Security Outfit parts:

She cocks her head to the side. "You must be new."

"Take my advice. Bosses don't much care for mixing coverage areas. I don't go into whatever shithole you crawled out of and you don't come up here."

"Seriously, it could get you fired."

Or, with Downtown security ID:

She cocks her head to the side. "Are you trying to get fired? Get your uniform on. And get me a cup of coffee."

"None of that froofy shit. Call it an idiot tax for wandering around with your badge flopping around and no uniform."

Or, with Downtown security ID and 3+(?) Midgard Security Outfit parts:

"Hey," she peers at you for a second. "You're new, right?"

"I'm not saying you have to bring me coffee, but it's been a long shift and all they've got around here is that froofy lattes bullshit."

Offer some Joe

"Oh yeah," she cheerfully accepts the coffee from you, "that's the stuff."

She declares an impromptu break, grabbing a seat on one of the pews in the back to savor the caffeine. "Love this assignment, but the shifts are still too long. I can hardly see straight by the time I'm done."

You've earned 2 XP in Will
(Lose 1 cup of Joe)

Offer horrible coffee

"Oh hell yes," she cheerfully accepts the coffee from you, "that is what I have needed all day."

She immediately kicks back the cup, clearly recognizing that there are some coffees that are more about the caffeine than the flavor.

You've earned 6 XP in Will
(Lose 1 horrible black coffee)

Start something

She looks a little surprised, as though the experience of someone coming looking for her to beat up is a strange reversal of roles.

(Fight Midgard Security Expert, does not raise alert even if you win)

Pass on by

Yeah, always better to avoid security's gaze even when you're not up to no good.

(Walk Away)

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