Midgard Laboratory


The Midgard Laboratory (aka Slags Lab) is located inside the Slags.

This area counts as indoors, aboveground.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

All but the rat king combats do not occur if wearing a Slags medical ID.

       Opponent        Encounter Text Notes
A voice rings out behind you. "Hey, an intruder! Time to test out the needler!"

Moments later, tiny slivers of metal start embedding themselves in the wall next to you.
coffee.jpg (?) GunEmplacements.jpg
As you make your way through the lab, you hear a squawking voice "Warning, unauthorized access!"

A moment later, a gun turret slides out of the ceiling and begins filling the corridor with flying lead.
coffee.jpg (?) GunEmplacements.jpgx2
As you make your way through the winding halls of the lab, two turrets deploy from the walls in front of you. They single-mindedly begin filling the air with lead.
Eclipse.jpg ratking.jpg
You turn the corner to find yourself knee-deep in a boiling mass of rats, surging towards you with a single will.
Eclipse.jpg Tentacle100.jpg
As you move through the building, you hear a strange rattling in the walls. It stops and starts again repeatedly, each time getting closer.

Finally, when the sound is almost unbearable, the wall cracks open with a massive cloud of steam. Strange shapes move in the cloud, but your first concern is the massive gout of steam engulfing you.

(and, without an air filter)
You get a face full of scalding steam, <dealing 6-9 (fire) damage and leaving you dazed.> /<but you mostly shrug it off.>
Gain <damage> energy of Scalded

(or, if your face is protected)
Thankfully, your face is sealed away from the worst of the steam, but you're still scalded for (8-10? (fire)) damage.

(Damage portion of message doesn't appear if fire defense>damage taken)
(If brought down to 0 hp, get beaten up message, combat does not start)
As you make your way through a facility, you hear someone yelling. You don't catch most of it, but it seems to be a woman berating several people for their utter failure at securing the facility.

You get a quick glance of Dr. Mira vanishing down a hallway as two figures in containment suits come rushing in the opposite direction.
Failing to defeat Dr. Mira

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Freelancer's Paycheck Gain 1 of: cup of joe, egg salad sandwich, first aid kit, horrible black coffee, MBR antidote, trauma reference Only after Assisting the Doctors in the Operating Theatre
Eclipse.jpg Shadowy Form Gain containment suit top, containment suit pants or containment helmet Only after freeing the bound figure.
Abandoned Operating Room Gain 2-3 of: shotgun rounds, containment helmet, containment suit top, containment suit pants, horrible black coffee, MBR antidote, scrubs top, needler rifle, trauma reference, IV bag, first aid kit, sealant patches, surgeon's mask Only occurs after freeing the bound figure.
Found Glowing Bauble gain glowing bauble Only occurs after giving the bound figure the glass bauble. Only occurs once.
Memento For Murder gain broken injector, gain 4 random xp (only if you were beat up by the mutant's death throes?) Only occurs after killing the bound figure. Only occurs once.
Sympathetic Shock After smashing the statue

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Front Gate - Always (and only) occurs as the first encounter

  1. Swipe your way in - If you have Slags medical ID equipped or in inventory, pass through safely (does not use energy)
  2. Blow your way in - If you have nitro, lose one and get through. Otherwise, fight 2 wall turrets
  3. Fight your way in - Fight 2 wall turrets
  4. Walk your way out - Nothing

PDA.jpg Lab Terminal - Only if you haven't smashed it for the day
  1. Poke the screen
    1. Try talking
    2. Play lab recording - (Only if you have a Slags lab recording) - Go to Slags Lab hacking (consumes one Slags lab recording), gives level 1 access if you don't already have it
    3. Play refugee recording Only with Slags refugee recording Gives some access
    4. Play Dr. Mira recording //(Only if you have a Dr. Mira recording) - Gives some access
    5. Play Dr. Johnson recording - (Only if you have Dr. Johnson recording) - Go to Slags Lab hacking (consumes one Dr. Johnson recording), gives level full access
    6. Leave it - Nothing
  2. Jack in - Go to Slags Lab hacking
  3. Dismantle it - Only with electrical kit or salvaging tools equipped, various electronics parts
  4. Smash it - 3 frayed cable, 4 XP in Strength, removes encounter for the rest of the day
  5. Leave it - Nothing

Bored Guard - Only occurs with Slags Medical ID equipped

  1. Head over to chat
    1. Talk about Slags
      1. Can I buy that suit
        1. Sounds good - Lose 100 credits, gain containment helmet or containment suit top or containment suit pants
        2. I'll buy the lot for 500 - Gain containment helmet, containment suit top and containment suit pants
        3. No thanks - Nothing
      2. Take it by force - Fight Slags guard
      3. Thanks - Nothing
    2. Talk about security - Learn that you need a Slags Medical ID to avoid combat encounters
    3. Talk about survivors - Learn that Hel avoids drones
    4. Leave - Nothing
  2. Kill him - Fight Slags Guard
  3. Leave him be - Nothing

coffee.jpg Lab Workers - Only occurs with Slags Medical ID equipped
  1. Join in - Leads to Scientist Conversation choice adventure
  2. Listen in - Gain 2 XP in Perception, learn recipe for Nitro (2 sticks of dynamite) or Caffeine Powder (horrible black coffee) or Slags Antidote
  3. Charge in - Fight 3 Midgard Scientists
  4. Walk away - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Arcane Tongue - Only with Slags Medical ID equipped
  1. Join in - Gain 5 XP in Will, or 6 XP in Will and 6 XP in Perception
  2. Kill them all - Fight 3 Midgard Scientist
  3. Avoid the crazy people - Gain 3 XP Perception and 3 XP Reflexes

Operating Theatre - Only with Slags Medical ID equipped, and the patient is still there

  1. Observe - Gain 4 XP in Perception
  2. Head In - If you are wearing a full containment suit
    1. Observe closely - Gain 6 XP in Perception
    2. Assist the doctors - If not holding glass bauble, gain 8 XP, unlocks freelancer-s-paycheck noncombat encounter otherwise
      1. Release his bonds - Frees captive, allows Abandoned Operating Room noncombat encounter and Tentacled Man choice encounter
      2. Help the guards - kill him, unlock Memento for Murder noncombat, take 21-28 damage; if you still have hp left, gain 4 random xp
      3. Give him the bauble - lose glass bauble, frees captive, unlocks Found Glowing Bauble noncombat
      4. Run Away - Unlock dreams that will give you Haunting Cries
    3. Free him - Frees captive, allows Abandoned Operating Room noncombat encounter and Tentacled Man choice encounter
    4. Leave - Nothing
  3. Mingle out here - leads to Scientist Conversation, or Arcane Tongue if etheric
  4. Leave - Nothing

Scientist Conversation - Only from Operating Theatre or Lab Workers above

  1. The Slags - Learn about the Incident
  2. Survivors - Learn that Hel is in the Damaged Buildings
  3. Eclipse - Learn that Eclipse is used in the Slags Antidote, unlock Addict by Osmosis, get battered cred chip to not tell you sold eclipse to other scientists.
  4. Small talk - Gain 3 XP in Perception
  5. Introductions to record - (Only if you have tried to use the voice interface from the Lab Terminal) - Gain slags lab recording

Addict by Osmosis - Only if you talked to the scientists about Eclipse, and haven't given him Eclipse

  1. Here you go - Lose Crate of Eclipse
  2. It'll cost
    1. Get me a suit - trade crate of Eclipse for 2 of the following (different): containment helmet, containment suit pants, containment suit top, progress in Dr. Thomas quest (appears to always be this combination, never pants)
    2. Just grab some stuff - trade crate of Eclipse for 5? of: grain alcohol, IV bag, Nitro, pep pill, powerful acid, white flakes, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
    3. Oh here, take it - Lose Crate of Eclipse
    4. Maybe later - Nothing
  3. No, I don't - Nothing

Tentacled Man - Only when unlocked from Operating Theatre choice adventure and have equipped the glass bauble while Etheric

  1. Can you talk?
    1. Hawk sent me - (Only if you have Hawk sent you) Unlocks Strange Rock encounter
    2. Your father sent me - Nothing obvious
    3. What's this glass thing - Nothing obvious
    4. Back away - Nothing
  2. What are you carrying? - Get containment helmet
  3. Back away - Nothing

Lab Locker Room - only if unlocked through hacking the lab system

  1. Big Locker - Get 1 of: containment helmet, containment suit pants, containment suit top, and 1-2 of: corduroys, dirty old trenchcoat, knit cap, Midgard cap, smelly old pants, and 1-2 of: caramel bar, egg salad sandwich, half of a sandwich, Instaheat Soup, jumbo hot dog, protein bar, triggers Born of Sorrow
  2. Small Locker - Gain 1-2 of: first aid kit, MBR antidote, pep pill, scrubs bottoms, scrubs top, trauma reference; 1 of: cup of joe, espresso doppio, horrible black coffee, lukewarm latte; and 1 of: caramel bar, egg salad sandwich; triggers Born of Sorrow
  3. Take a nap - Regain 35-40? hit points
  4. Leave - Nothing

Back Down With the Living - Only occurs if you saved the bloodied scientist on the fourth floor of the damaged buildings

  1. I do need a suit - gain 1 of: heavy containment helmet, heavy containment top, heavy containment pants
  2. I could use some food - gain 1 of: caramel bar, instaheat soup, protein bar, egg salad sandwich
  3. Naw, I'm good - gain 3 XP Will

A Room from the Vision - Only if you chose to flee from the Operating Theatre and encountering all three visions

  1. Round up the remnants - Gain 16 (?) of: chemistry kit, circuit fragments, frayed cable, grain alcohol, IV bag, microcapacitor, Nitro, optical sensor, powerful acid
  2. Smash whats left - Gain 6 XP in Strength and Will
  3. Leave it alone - Nothing

Subject S43 only after finding S43's location in The Missing Artist quest

  1. Walk in - get 5 XP in Will, take 1 damage
  2. Hit the field - get 5 XP in Strength, take 1 damage
  3. Shoot him - take massive damage, gain Pyro skill
  4. Return his book - (only with Living Sketchbook) take 1 damage
  5. Wait a while - get 4 XP in Perception, unlocks Dr. Mira's Team
  6. Leave it - Walk away

Dr. Mira's Team after choosing to wait a while at Subject S43

  1. Start a conversation - information
  2. Threaten her:
    1. With slags medical id:
      1. Follow up with violence - Fight Dr. Mira
      2. Let her go - Walk away
    2. Without slags medical id
      1. Ask about S43 - information
      2. Ask how she gets through the field (if you've tried to walk through the field) - information
      3. Ask how to disable the field (if you've tried to walk through the field) - information
      4. Get a voice recording - Gain Dr. Mira recording
      5. Kill her anyway - Fight Dr. Mira
      6. Nevermind - Walk away
  3. Strike first - Fight Dr. Mira
  4. Sit back and watch - get 2 XP in Perception and Will
  5. Leave her be - Walk away

Priority Care Room after turning off the force field during The Missing Artist quest

  1. Check his vitals - information
  2. Carry him off - Gain 4 XP in Perception, <External First Aid+10> energy of Dying Artist
  3. Return his book (Only with Living Sketchbook)
    1. Help him escape - gain Black Sketchbook
    2. Euthanize him - gain Black Sketchbook
    3. Get Dr. Mira - (Only after talking to her) - gain Black Sketchbook
    4. Leave him - gain Black Sketchbook
  4. Leave him - Walk away

Dr. Mira Talks after choosing Get Dr. Mira in Priority Care Room

  1. Ask about S43 - information
  2. Talk about the field - information
  3. Mention the field's effect on you (Only if you tried to enter the field) - information
  4. Mention Project Huginn - information
  5. Ask about the Brothers (Only if you asked about Project Huginn) - information
  6. Attack her - Fight Dr. Mira
  7. Blow her off - Walk away
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