Midgard Bioresearch


Midgard Biotech (aka MBR lab) is located Outside the Slags.

This area is aboveground, indoors.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
portal25.jpg Etheric Encounters antiportal25.jpg Non-Etheric Encounters
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter
Note: the Eclipse.jpg and coffee.jpg icons indicate whether you need to be high or sober. The portal25.jpg and antiportal25.jpg icons indicate if this encounter responds to +chance of Etheric encounters. The two need not be connected.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

NOTE: Each security guard killed gives 5 energy of Red Alert, and killing Boris gives 20 energy.

          Opponent           Encounter Text Notes
As you make your way through the research facility you hear "Halt, intruder!" behind you. Dammit. When not in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit
coffee.jpg RobotHound.jpg
You hear a buzzing sound behind you, followed by a series of beeps. There's a rather cute robot dog behind you, with razor-sharp teeth… and body armor… and an automatic weapon mounted to its back. When not in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit
Eclipse.jpgportal25.jpg RabidWolf.jpg
You hear a baying behind you, as though someone had just opened the gates of Hell and sent some sort of terrible hound after you. As it turns out your first guess wasn't far off.
coffee.jpg RobotHound.jpgx2
You hear a soft whirring behind you that steadily gets closer and closer, no matter how quickly you try to move away. When you hazard a glance back, you find a pair of robotic hounds following you almost noiselessly. Only after killing Boris
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpgx2
A pair of twisted hounds catch your scent and chase you through the halls deep in the lab. They never seem to tire and when you falter the first bit, they're on you. Only after killing Boris
With all the klaxons and sirens, you barely notice the pair of guards rushing you from a side hallway, weapons drawn. Only under Red Alert
coffee.jpg MidgardSecurityGuard.jpgRobotHound.jpgx2
As you head deeper into the complex, you find a security officer speaking into his headset while two robot hounds sit nearby. He doesn't seem to notice you at first, but the hounds don't have the same problem.

He snaps out of his conversation and draws his gun at the first sign of combat.
Only with red alert
Eclipse.jpg MidgardSecurityGuard.jpgRabidWolf.jpgx2
As you turn a corner, you come face to face with a shocking sight: a Midgard security officer with two enormous twisted hounds lying at his feet. They seem less surprised than you, honestly, and leap to the offensive. Only under red alert
You turn a corner to find yourself face to face with Boris smiling down at you. "Good morning, are you ready for another test run?"

He doesn't seem interested in your answer.
Only if you've attacked Boris and failed to kill him
As you make your way through the complex, you come upon a familiar smiling face. "Time to play again. This time, I brought friends." Only if you've attacked Boris and Red Alert active

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

antiportal25.jpg Biotech Locker Room
  1. Try some lockers - If you have a locker key, gain scrubs top, scrubs bottoms, and 1-3 of: battered cred chip, gas mask, knit cap, first aid kit, fresh cred chip, light armored vest, lukewarm latte, megavitamin, MBR antidote, painkiller, trauma reference, Slags cheatsheets
  2. Take a nap - Gain 20-25 HP OR if red alert fight 2 midgard security and 1 drone hound
  3. Bail out - Nothing

antiportal25.jpg Quartet of Doctors - Only when not red alert?
  1. Join in - If dressed in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit:
    1. Talk about medicine - Gain 4 XP in Perception
    2. Talk about the Slags - Unlocks Testing Lab
    3. Kill him - Fight Midgard Scientist, gain 5 energy of Red Alert
    4. Bore him - Gain 4 XP in Will OR gain 6 XP in Will if you have Quantum Mechanics
  2. Pick some pockets - get 2-3 of: battered cred chip, locker key, pep pill, protein bar, Slags cheatsheets, Surgeon's Mask
  3. Death to all - Fight 4 Midgard Scientists
  4. Wander off - Nothing

antiportal25.jpg Empty Breakroom - Only in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit
  1. The coffee machine - Gain 3 of: cup of Joe, horrible black coffee, lukewarm latte, espresso doppio
  2. Raid the fridge - Gain 2-3 of: ancient candybar, egg salad sandwich, half of a sandwich & 1 of: grain alcohol, MBR antidote, MBR sample
  3. Take a nap - Gain 25? hp, Slags cheatsheets. Or, if red alert is active, fight 2 midgard security and one drone hound
  4. Leave it be - Nothing

Meeting Boris - Only in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit, and don't have Boris as a contact or attacked him

  1. I'm a new transfer - Gain Boris as a Contact
  2. I'm infiltrating this facility - Gain Boris as a Contact
  3. Change the subject - Unlocks Testing Lab
  4. Attack him - Fight Boris (opponent)
  5. Run away! - Nothing

PDA.jpgantiportal25.jpg Testing Lab - Only if in 2+ parts of a Doctor's outfit, and must hear about from Boris or the scientists first
  1. Take the test - If you have Slags Cheatsheets or the Trauma Tech or Biotech PDA Gain Slags Medical ID, otherwise nothing (but lose 1 energy)
  2. Look at resources - gain 4 XP Perception
  3. Crack them open - (Only with salvaging tools [or an electrical kit?] equipped) Gain 8? of: capacitor array, circuit fragments, frayed cable, memory stick, microcapacitor, processor chip, thick cabling and 20 energy of Red Alert; remove this encounter for the day?
  4. Hack In - Access the MBR lab system
  5. Wander off - Nothing

coffee.jpg Wandering Worker - Only while wearing a Midgard cap or trendy Midgard cap
  1. Infiltration - Get a locker key
  2. Blowing the place up - get 2-3 of: micro rocket, Nitro, dynamite, gas grenades
  3. Kill Him - Fight Midgard Worker
  4. Blow him off - Nothing
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