Metros stations exist on the main Locations to let you get from place to place.

Welcome to Metros!

Tickets are 5 credits each and good to take you anywhere in the city.

If you don't have 5 credits, you can sneak aboard for 1 energy instead:

You can't pay the fare, but eventually you manage to sneak after someone else close enough to fool the monitors.

If you have neither 5 credits or 1 energy you get the following:

Unfortunately you neither have enough credits to pay nor enough Energy to sneak your way through.

More locations unlock as you progress through the game.

You're not sure where you might want to go. Possibly you should talk to some of the folks at Mikhail's.


You can head back to Southside as soon as you leave.
The Metros Station is in the lower right.

The Docks

You can head to The Docks as soon as you get the Docks Quest.
The Metros Station is top center.

On your first arrival:


Everyone in Metroplex knows the special tang of breezes that come off this part of the lake… that peculiar combination of dead fish and the chemical tang of old industrial accidents. The smell permeates everything here, even radiating from the tiles of the Metros station, although the dockhands and security guards seem to have acclimated well enough.

For all they don't seem to notice the scent, something has them on edge. The workers' joviality seems forced and the guards look tense, ready to lash out with the sort of viciousness you usually have to pay Midgard Security for.

It might be that threat of violence, but work out on the piers is moving at a steady pace. Compared to the activity over there, the warehouses across the road seem almost abandoned.

Metroplex U

You can head to Metroplex U as soon as you get the University Quest.
The station here is in the lower right, just above the bookstore.

On your first arrival:


You arrive at the Metroplex University Metros station along with a trainload of students. They pour out like a swarm of ants the moment the doors open, but manage to file out of the station with surprising efficiency.

A massive lab building dominates your view from the Metros station, but you can see all the vitals of student life: some dorms, an art museum, a bookstore, and a dance club. Most of the students leaving the station head towards the open grassy area between the buildings… it's circular, but they probably still call it a "Quad."

Most of the students headed there are carrying protest signs. Something obviously has them riled up, but it's hard to say what it might be from the signs.

In any case, Lo said Dr. Amundsen should be in the labs, so you shouldn't have any business with them.

Outside the Slags

You can head to Outside the Slags as soon as you get the Slags Quest.
The station is in the upper left and half-melted.

On your first arrival:


About ten years ago, an industrial accident reduced a huge swath of factories to rubble and contaminated ruins. The folks in Southside still call it "the Incident," because it's not the sort of thing any of them are liable to forget soon.

You've reached the Metros stop nearest the Slags, the remains of that accident. A massive wall encircles them to the south, an expanse of concrete with a few understated Midgard logos to remind everyone who's footing the bill for containment and reconstruction.

Although the worst of the damage is apparently behind that wall, the only intact buildings out here are the rebuilt Metros station and a Midgard building near the wall's only gate.

Past that building, you can see the still expanse of Lake Metroplex. Despite the chilly breeze blowing off the lake, the chemical slicks on its surface remain smooth as glass.

Inside the slags

When trying to take the metros:

Unfortunately, there isn't a Metros around here. Closest one is on the far side of that huge wall.


You can head to Oldtown as soon as you get the Oldtown Quest.
The station is in the lower left.

On your first arrival:


You make your way up the Metros steps into Oldtown. It's nicer here, frankly, than Southside or even much of the rest of the city.

The air smells cleaner, with a hint of freshly-brewed coffee replacing the industrial miasma that lingers over much of the city, and the streets look like they've been cleaned recently.

(And, if your first arrival is on David's version of the Oldtown Quest)
Peeking out over the yard, you can almost see some of the downtown skyscrapers glittering in the distance. But you have more pressing matters here in Oldtown. David asked you to look for a relic of the earliest Eclipse experiments buried in a vault beneath the Midgard facility down the street.

(Or, if your first arrival is on Dr. Amundsen's version of the Oldtown Quest)
Peeking out over the yard, you can almost see some of the downtown skyscrapers glittering in the distance. But you have more pressing matters here in Oldtown. Dr. Amundsen is looking for decades-old records, hopefully computerized by now and buried beneath the nearby Midgard facility.

(Or, if you are not currently on a quest)
Peeking out over the yard, you can almost see some of the downtown skyscrapers glittering in the distance. They shine like beacons, but you can't shake the feeling that something is hiding beneath that radiance.


You can head to Downtown once you start the Heart of Midgard quest, and will wind up in Under Downtown.
The station is on the left.

On your first arrival:
Nothing yet.

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