Mercy Killer


Image Ingot-s.jpg
Description You've learned to protect yourself with silver, keeping the supernatural at arm's reach.
Effects +4 Etheric Defense while using silver weapons


Possible reward for the Ship of the Damned quest. Head for the reefs after saving all of the corpses.


The silvered shield is counted as a silver weapon by this skill. The +4 etheric defense however does not stack so equipping the silvered shield with any other silver weapon will have no additional bonus.

With a silvered shield equipped Shield Block will also defend against etheric attacks. Additionally with a silver weapon equipped Parry can be used to defend against etheric attacks.


This skill allows you to create shining ingots using Experimental Chemistry (but is not required to make Armory recipes that use them).

In addition to the stated effects it enhances the Silver Bullets technique, as well as the Shield Block technique with a silvered shield.

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