Image dustW25.jpg
Description This vibrantly green powder is one of the few Zaibatsu exports that escape the company's branding. Although this particular blend is intended more for use in cooking, you can probably still mix it with hot water to make some tea.
Type Drug
Requires 1 Body
Use You mix the powder with some hot water. It's not exactly an ancient tea ceremony, but you create a drinkable result… if a little bitter by the time you get to the bottom.
Multi (text)
Effects Gain 2 energy
Gain 2 XP in Will


Grocery Department, Downtown


Grind Matcha into Organic Dust using Mysterious Puzzle Box
Puzzle-Box-25.jpg Matcha
= Organic Dust
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods


This was originally introduced to the game via a message from Kinak on 5/21/2017.

Happy Returns
After my daring escape from Zaibatsu territory, I decided to bring everyone something. Knowing Zaibatsu, they'll probably start selling it soon, but enjoy it while you can.


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