Lonely Streamers



Encounter Conditions

If you haven't killed him

Initial Text

You find a single lonely student hanging some streamers towards the edge of the ballroom, decorating each hung streamer with a little cut-out bat.

Summary of Choices

  1. Help him out - gain 2 XP Perception, learn recipe for Paper Bat
  2. Hang a paper bat (With paper bat in inventory) - gain 4 XP in Will, lose paper bat
  3. Drape woodland crepe (With woodland crepe in inventory) - unknown results
  4. Just chat - Information
  5. Force him out - fight Hipster, permanently remove this encounter if you win
  6. Leave him be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Help him out


He walks you through the whole process as though hanging streamers and cutting out paper bats is rocket science, but it definitely does liven up the edges of the ballroom.

You've learned a new simple recipe: Paper Bat - Flatten and cut four Paper Mache

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Hang a paper bat


You add a paper bat of your own to the proceedings, which inspires him to even greater heights.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Drape woodland crepe

Something happens

Just chat

First 3 times, one of the following picked at random:

He cheerfully takes a break from hanging streamers. "Man, I'm not looking forward to this. Vampires? So passe."

"I mean, who would want to wander around wearing fangs and pretending to be some rich, dead dude?"

He sighs. "Maybe the kids at the Happy Hour. This is why our generation can't have nice things."

He cheerfully takes a break from hanging streamers. "Yeah, I heard they had a bunch of problems getting security guards. Apparently everyone's too afraid to come on board."

"Lots of old folks, like the security guard, are still scared of stuff like vampires. Can you believe that? At least the old movies with wolfmen beating them up were around the same time, so that might neutralize it."

He cheerfully takes a break from hanging streamers. "I keep trying to convince my friends to come to the party, but they're planning to just stay home and do some Ec… homework. Well, except the poor bastard stuck working at the art museum."

"Nobody wants to screw around with vampires or werewolves anymore. I keep telling them they can totally flip the paradigm, you know? But nobody's ready for something that cool"

And further times:

He cheerfully takes a break from hanging streamers. "Yeah, I'm surprised there's not the same level of buzz, you know?"

"I'm stoked, but you've got security that can't cut loose, partiers that think they're better than us, and even my friends aren't ready to try something new."

"You and me, though, we're a team." He smiles crookedly, leaving just enough hint of irony that he can play it off as a joke if you say something cruel.

Force him out

He stares up at you with panic in his eyes, unable to look away even as he starts stumbling around trying to escape.

(Fight Hipster; if you win, may permanently remove this encounter; no consequence if you lose/run away)

Leave him be


He seems surprisingly engrossed in his project and doesn't seem to notice.

(Walk Away)

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