Lethal Resolve


Image lethalresolve.jpg
Description N/A
Chain 4
Type Stealth
Attribute Will
Base Damage 10
Special A stealthy attack based on patience, not speed

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 10 -
You wait for the perfect moment before striking out at <opponent> while his guard is down, dealing <X> damage.
While underwater 14 -
You wait patiently in the shadowy depths until the moment presents itself to drag <opponent> into the darkness, dealing <X> damage.
With Cold Depths 14 7 (R,E)
Icy shadows gather close as you wait, eventually lashing out at <opponent> for <X> damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but the shadows seem to block all but <X> / of the of the damage.
While underwater and with Cold Depths and cultured pearl 22 ?? (E, not M)
You concentrate on the hunter, waiting for the perfect moment as icy shadows gather close. Eventually, they come and you lash out for <X> damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but the icy shadows block all but <X> / of the of the damage.


Sometimes when fighting underwater (possibly melee/stealth?) with Cold Depths and cultured pearl equipped. May also require Ocean Sight and some minimum level of Stealth Power.

The chill in your blood and the water seeps into your mind, clearing it of idle thought and focusing you on your mission.

You learned a new Technique: Lethal Resolve

Used by (Opponents)

Janet Barsukov

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