Juryrigged Antenna (effect)

For the item of the same name, see Juryrigged Antenna.


Image Antennae.jpg
Description This antenna won't last forever, but should let you intercept signals from people browsing the Net and trace down what they're connected to. Aside from the obvious voyeuristic benefits, it should give you enough information about the site they're connecting to that you can try hacking into it.

Granted, it doesn't really help much with the hacking part once you're connected. You'll still need some sort of computer and, hopefully, some sweet programs to handle that part. This will just tell you where the door is.


Using a Juryrigged Antenna. (50 Energy)

Every 5 energy or so in certain locations, takes you to a random University Net site.

Computer Lab:

Wandering through the lab, you pick up on the signal of someone accessing a server nearby.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Or, after getting the message about videos being posted from the Shotgun Saint computer game:

You pick up the trail to one of the sites that was receiving Shotgun Saint videos. It doesn't look like the student posted them, but that's not terribly surprising when you consider the contents.

You follow the signal to <site>.

The VIP Room:

The VIP room seems like a pretty quiet place to browse the Net, maybe even engage in more clandestine activities, so it doesn't really surprise you to intercept a couple signals.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Happy Hour:

You pick up on a Net signal cutting across the Happy Hour. Who browses the Net at a dance club? Then again, who eavesdrops of people's connections to the Net as a dance club?

You follow the signal to <site>.

The Quad:

Walking across the Quad, checking the place out with your antenna, you intercept the signal of someone checking out one of the servers here on campus.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Also, sometimes with the coat of mysterious circuitry (or derivative items), the following line is added, which indicates that the site will have an Ancient Vault:

You recognize something in the signal that reminds you of the notes in your coat pockets.

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