Insect Collection



Encounter Conditions



You find a massive collection of insects. Row after row of them are pinned in their cases, each labeled with a seemingly random collection of Greek, Latin, and people's names.

It's incredible what you can see when they stop moving for a second, though… colors you can't put proper name to and forms that seem completely alien.

(And, with a museum-guidebook equipped:)

The museum guide doesn't have much detail on the insects, just explaining that many Metroplex University students enjoyed spending time looking over the display

You take a little extra time trying to pick out what they might have been looking for.

And, with an odd sketchbook equipped:
The insect sketches in the book you're carrying seem to come from careful study of the insects here, along with parts of the monsters.

And, with an odd sketchbook equipped after enough viewings if you don't know about the scaffolding?:
Next to one of the insect sketches, you see a sketch that shows some scaffolding leading up to a window. That… looks like it could be the back of the museum, actually.

A quick glance outside the window nearest the insect collection confirms your suspicion.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception
(+1 with odd sketchbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation, and/or +2 with a museum-guidebook or book of sculptures equipped)

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