Incendiary Grenade (technique)

For the item of the same name, see incendiary-grenades.


Image blindgrenade.jpg
Description A strong Fire attack
Chain 5
Type Fire
Attribute Reflexes
Hidden Flags (Science Technique)
Base Damage 10

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 10
You hurl a grenade at <foe>. It goes up in blinding white flames, burning at him for <X> damage.
With Engineer Explosives 18
You hurl a grenade at <foe>. It goes up in white hot flames, like a miniature sun, burning at him for <x> damage
While Underwater ??
While Underwater with Engineer Explosives ??
You float a grenade over towards <foe>. It explodes with a shockwave a moment later, dealing <x> fire damage.


Using an incendiary-grenades.

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