Hit Points

Hit points are your health. When you run out of hit points, you are "beaten all to hell" and will need to heal before you can adventure again.

Your maximum hit points are equal to 20 + the lower of {Strength and Will}. See also use your highest Attribute to calculate Hit Points and Empowered for ways to alter your max hit points.

The Undying Will skill will calculate your as just 20 + Will; Strength is ignored.

If you have 0 hp but but gain enough experience to boost the lower of your strength or will (and therefore your hitpoints), you get the message "You drag yourself back to your feet with a newfound strength." This can occur after combat (e.g. a draw), or anytime you can get XP while at 0 hp (e.g. crafting with Good Worker).

Regaining Hit Points

Everyday at "rollover", when you regain Energy, Hunger, and Body, you will be healed up to your maximum hit points. There are many other ways to heal yourself after taking damage.

Healing in combat:

Healing by using items:

Skills that help you heal:

Encounters (this is not a comprehensive list):
* Being Tracked: "Throw him off" (with no signal analysis circuit in inventory): 11-15? hp
* Below the Charnel House: Calm Section: "Take a nap": 40? hp
* Below the Charnel House: Fairy Spring: "Ask for healing": 8-11? hp
* Below the Charnel House: Fairy Spring: "Ask for nothing": 4? hp
* Below the Charnel House: Lower Calm Section: "Take a nap": 40? hp
* Dockside Sewers: Bat Colony: "Watch them": 15? hp
* Dockside Sewers: Mushroom Grove: "Investigate here": "Plant the white ones": 23-30? hp
* Ghost Ship: Treasure Chests: "Hide and nap": <chance> at 30? hp
* Midgard Bioresearch: Empty Breakroom: "Take a nap" (with no red alert): 25? hp
* Midgard Bioresearch: biotech-locker-room: "Take a nap" (with no red alert): 20-25 hp
* Midgard Laboratory: Lab Locker Room: "Take a nap": 35-40? hp
* Midgard Warehouse: Stacks of Crates: "Hide and nap": 32-34? hp
* Southside Park: Dumpster Diving: "Hide in it" (after park quest is complete): 24-30? hp
* Tainted Shoreline: Andrea the Grad Student (while supposed to be helping her): "Walk up to chat": "I'm from Dr. Myers": "I'll go": fight 2 writhing masses, heal 37? hp if successful, 26? hp if not
* Tainted Shoreline: Faerie at the Nest: "Destroy the egg": 20-29? hp
* Waterfront: Fishing Tales: "Pass the thermos" (with thermos of Joe in inventory): 16-17? hp

Losing Hit Points

You can lose hit points by:

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