Hazardous Speakers



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2020 setup, after sufficient setup work

Initial Text

Someone has crammed a stack of speakers into one corner of the parking garage. The venue seems way too large to project all the sound from one place, but with the way your footsteps echo you might be wrong.

Meanwhile, the cables snaking over dank concrete and through stagnant puddles look like a recipe for a bad time.

Summary of Choices

  1. Add a capacitor array (with capacitor array) - lose capacitor array, add to the sound
  2. Run through magnetic coil (with magnetic coil) - lose magnetic coil, add to the sound
  3. Stack on a skull pile (with skull pile) - lose skull pile, add to the sound
  4. Untangle wires - gain 2-3 of frayed cable, thick cabling, microcapacitor
  5. Check the speakers - information
  6. Leave them be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Add a capacitor array

There's not nearly enough power coming in, so some capacitor arrays should help keep the party thumping well into the morning.

(Lose capacitor array)

Run through magnetic coil

If there's one thing these speakers are going to need, it's volume. Another magnetic coil should help thump out the bass.

(Lose magnetic coil)

Stack on a skull pile

You stack the skull pile in front of the speakers. It muffles the sound a bit, but looks way cooler.

And, if there's a time for looking cool, it's Halloween.

(Lose skull pile)

Untangle wires

You rerun some of the wires and… why are there extras? Well, at least it'll make things go a little smoother for the rest of setup.

You found: 2-3 of frayed cable, thick cabling, microcapacitor

Check the speakers


Hmmm, even with the echo, the speakers seem a little on the weak side for the whole parking garage. They probably need some more capacitors or coils or something.

They could also use some decorations, like skulls or something, so it isn't just a stack of speakers in a dingy concrete box.

Leave them be

It's not a huge deal if parts of the venue can't hear the music, right? It might even be nice for people with different tastes than the hosts.

(Walk Away)

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