Halloween Moonlighting



Encounter Conditions

After enough guards have been hired?

Initial Text

Several security guards are sitting around chatting, apparently taking a break. Huh, somebody must have brought in a lot of outside security if there are enough of them to start breaking into shifts.

Summary of Choices

  1. Offer to help - (Only before offering to help)
  2. I'm done helping - (Only after offering to help)
  3. Check their status -
  4. Pass a thermos - (Only with a Thermos Of Joe in inventory)
  5. Jump them - fight 3 x Dock Security
  6. Leave them to it -

Choice Text and Results

Offer to help

One of them nods and gives you a rather unpracticed looking smile. "That'd be great. We can't be everywhere at once."

"I'd take a look over there and probably in that corner. The problem spots sort of move around though, so be sure to check in tomorrow if you're up for another day."

I'm done helping

One of the guards nods. "Yeah, not as easy as it looks, is it? Thanks for the try, though."

Pass a thermos

The guards invite you in to their little circle and cheerfully make their break into a coffee break. It's amazing what a bit of coffee can do for people's spirits, even when it's awful coffee from the worst parts of Metroplex.

You found: pitted thermos

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Check their status

The guards confer among themselves for a moment, then reach a decision. "It's been pretty rough. Folks have really been breaking the place up. We could use some more help but…"

A second guard shrugs, "we can't exactly afford to pay a bunch of our buddies to come in at time and a half either."

Jump them

You charge in to the circle. They're startled for a moment by your attack, but rise up to defend themselves

Fight 3 x Dock Security

Leave them to it

You leave them be and they eventually return to their duties keeping the place secure.

See Walk Away

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