Halloween Contracts



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2018

Initial Text

You run into a couple of guards. You can't hear everything they're talking about, but it sounds like they're discussing a Halloween contract and why they didn't take it.

Summary of Choices

  1. Offer some cash - something happens
  2. Offer a lupine mask - something happens
  3. Join the chat - something happens
  4. Jump them now - something happens
  5. Leave them be - something happens

Choice Text and Results

Offer some cash

"It's crazy out there," one guard stares off into space a bit. "I shouldn't risk it."

The other nods. "Yeah, I know a guy whose friend who got burned pretty bad. He couldn't even see the fire."

Offer a lupine mask

"I… man, that brings me back. It's kind of like being a kid again, you know?"

"What the hell! What's the worst that could happen?"

He takes the mask and heads towards the Metros stop as the other guard looks on incredulously.

Join the chat

"Yeah, I had a lot of friends who worked Halloweens for MetU before…"

"I mean, it sounds pretty crazy. I'm almost tempted, but I guess I"m just not that brave."

The other guard almost smiles. "Heh, might have to find the right costume and get some candy, though."

Jump them now

They seem resigned to your attack, drawing their batons.

(Fight 2 Dock Security)

Leave them be

Yeah, it's probably not worth bothering him.

(Walk Away)

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