Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is an add-on to Firefox that lets you run small scripts to modify the contents of a page on the fly as it loads. You can install various premade scripts that other people designed to make your adventures in Metroplexity more agreeable.

It can be downloaded here.

Mysterious Puzzle Reminder

Created by: Borkman
Get it: here
Description: Pops a message when an effect that blocks usage of the Mysterious Puzzle (Puzzled Out, Runic Puzzle, etc.) runs out of energy. It hasn't been tested all that well, but it's rather simple, so I think it's safe to share amongst friends.
(I slightly modified this to highlight your character pane in red instead of popping up a reminder. Some people might find that more useful, for like me who see the popup, close it, and promptly forget about it. Get it here. -Al)

Puzzle Helper

Created by: Man Mobile
Get it: here
Description: It records the configuration of the mysterious puzzle box, rod, pyramid, and tablet. Simply use the mysterious puzzle as you would regularly, and it will remember which choice yielded which result. It will display this information when you use it again later. In addition to simply remembering your choices, it will also use the "line-up" patterns to identify even more choices. You can reset this information in your Account preferences. This is advised when you reset, as your configuration will have changed.

Puzzle Indicator

Created by: Man Mobile
Get it: here
Description: It helps you remember the step you should do next in the powder pouring cycle. It comes in the form of a button on your character pane, that displays the step you need to do. You can manually set the current step by clicking on the button to cycle through the steps. The indicator is also updated when you click the appropriate choice in using your mysterious puzzle. The 5 steps the script tracks are: Add powder, Change to rod, Grind powder, Change to box, and Claim dust.

Memento Items Saver

Created by: Al
Get it: here
Description: This script disables the checkboxes beside the valuable items you don't want to lose on the gang stash and salvaging pages. No more worrying about accidentally salvaging your legal fireworks or Halloween skeletons and such! (There's an override button if you really want to though.)

I added the list of the limited time items to the script already, but you can add/remove your own by simply adding the item IDs to the list at the top.

Tainted Shoreline Oil Slick Reminder

Created by: Al
Get it: here
Description: Remembers the order of the adventures on the massive oil slick at the Tainted Shoreline.

Net Rememberer

Created by: Al (and modified by xtrapwr and elliotbay)
Get it: Al's, xtrapwr's (works with Chrome and other browsers), or elliotbay's (can automatically check all your sites), or
Click Files below, for 1.4 by Xtrapwr, which fixes errors broken by Chrome security changes.
Description: Display's a site's security level (high or low) and the actions you can do there after its entry in your target list.

Efficient Resting

Get it: here
Description: Automatically equips first aid items when resting. See forum thread for details.

Drop log

Get it: here
Description: I've tried various different methods for logging adventures over the years, but I think I finally made something that works. I'm using it to start logging item drop rate - if you want to contribute, feel free to install it (and PM me the results every few weeks), but I'm mostly just posting this here so that I don't lose code. Pretty self explanatory, I hope. "Playername|Perception|Location|Opponents|Drops (by id)|Credits" (EDIT: Thanks to Barton26 for working out all the bugs. Should now be working in Firefox.)

Technique Helper

Get it: here
Description: Adds links to clear all techniques, add all techniques and counts your techniques on the fly.

Beta Reset Depth Helper

Get it: here
Description: Sorts your skills into mutually exclusive groups, and highlights the ones you need to get to greater depths!

Run away chance

Get it: here
Description: Tells you the chance of running away from most of the common opponents.


Created by: Plus4
Get it: here
Description: User interface improvements (inventory filtering by name or item type, "use" links added after items found, etc.), automatic wiki links.

Metroplexity Logger

Created by: Al (and modified by xKiv)
Get it: here
Description: Logs encounters (and current stats). Logs are accessible on tech page.

Oldtown Reset Depth Helper

Created by: Cryptodynamic, based on Al's Beta Reset Depth Helper
Get it: here
Description: Sorts your Oldtown reset skills into mutually exclusive groups, and highlights the ones you need to get to greater depths!

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