Gatling Burst


Image gatlingburst.jpg
Description A Ranged attack that takes advantage of multiple barrels
Chain 6
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 4
Special +4 Base Power as the last Technique in a Chain (more with appropriate weapons)

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4
You stutter out shots as fast as possible, dealing <opponent> <x> ranged damage.
As a Closer 8
You unload your weapon in a stuttering burst for <x> ranged damage.
With an Automatic Weapon equipped 6
You cautiously fire a burst at <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
As a Closer, with an Automatic Weapon equipped 11
You fire at <opponent> until the barrel is hot for <x> ranged damage.
With a Gatling Weapon equipped 8
Smoke swirls around you as the stream of bullets strikes <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
Following Shotgun Burst, with a Gatling Weapon equipped 14
You fire a stream of bullets through your last burst’s swirling smoke for <x> ranged damage.
As a Closer, with a Gatling Weapon equipped 14 Takes priority over the Shotgun Burst version.
You finish by unloading your whirling gun at <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
While underwater 2
You fire a stuttering burst through the water towards <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.


Beating a Midgard Heavy Guard (Gatling), with a Midgard MG2 equipped? Even if you lose the fight.

Used by (Opponents)

Midgard Heavy Guard (Gatling)

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