Gang Boss


Image bluegangheavy.jpg
Combat Name The gang boss
Hit points 50
Stats Perception: 4
Reflexes: 4-?
Will: 4
Power Melee:
Ranged: 0
Evasion: 0
Defense Melee: 2
Ranged: 2
Fire: 0
Etheric: -2 to 2
Stealth: 0
Awards 6 XP
You gained 100-119 credits (100%)
You found: encrypted PDA (100%)
You found: 8-12 tablets of Eclipse (100%)
You found: tracer eye (100%, with an electrical kit equipped)
You found: 0-12 clips of explosive bullets (see Notes, below)


Sewer Hideout

On winning

Now all that remains is to do something with the massive pile of crates he's been guarding. This must be where they've stored their stock of Eclipse.

On tying

(I don't have the text, but there is a special message. You don't get to fight him again, and don't get any explosive bullets.)

Leads to Dead Gang Boss next turn.


This a unique enemy that can only be defeated once (although you have multiple chances to defeat him).

He starts with 12 clips of explosive bullets and uses one up each time he uses the Explosive Shot technique on you in combat.


Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Dive for Cover 4 4 4-8 Evasion (M,R,F)
Single Shot 5 2 2-4 Ranged
Short Burst 6 2 2-4 Ranged (normal)
'' 2+3 5-9 Ranged (closer)
Explosive Shot 6 4+2 6-10 Ranged (opener)
'' 4+4 8-12 Ranged (closer)
Precise Shot 7 6 6-10 Ranged (opener only)


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the gang boss’s flesh, regaining x Energy. ?? evil
HandMirror25.jpg Not currently possible to determine.
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