Fourth To Fifth Floor



Encounter Conditions

Must have progressed across 4th floor of damaged buildings from eastern stairs. Exact requirements for doing so unknown.

Initial Text

You find an open door on the western edge of the building, leading into empty air. From your quick look out, it appears you could slide along the wall to get to a flight of stairs going up a short distance.

There is another door there, but past that only a few stray bits of rubble, then sky.

Summary of Choices

  1. Fifth floor - Go to Fifth Floor
  2. Stay here - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Fifth floor

You make your way to the very top of the western stairs. Past here, the side of the building has been sheared off, leaving nothing but open air.

You turn and make your way onto the fifth floor. Hopefully the eastern stairs are doing better.

(enter 5th floor of damaged buildings)

Stay here

You turn back away from the stairs and head back into the abandoned offices.

(doesn't even count for a 1/5th of an energy)

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