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MagnificoMagnifico 29 Dec 2021 15:08
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Christmas 2021
by MagnificoMagnifico, 29 Dec 2021 15:08
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 29 Dec 2021 02:03
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Christmas 2021

FYI, there was an issue with the appearance of the Snowmonstrosity, but it should be available to encounter now.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 29 Dec 2021 02:03
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 24 Dec 2021 14:43
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Christmas 2021

So, we've hit someone having 500 scariness in the snowman competition this year, but no sign of the towering snowman. The messaging in Snow Goons is slightly different than we had recorded in that it mentions the manyheaded snowmen, but that has probably been around since they were introduced. The line about:

Snowmen with vicious icicle fangs work their way through the crowd, while the rest are arranged almost worshipfully around the center.

Isn't talking about the giant, but it also isn't mentioning the horned snowmen, or indicating that the giant got left flagged as defeated or something. Not sure what's up there.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 24 Dec 2021 14:43
GoldSGoldS 22 Dec 2021 03:11
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen Of Ice

I finally encountered her again after killing 3-5 swans (Didn't get the exact number), getting Frigid Rulership, and then killing more swans. The encounter came when I had 2 energy left of Frigid Rulership. I did Crypto's melee-based strategy and ended up winning with exactly 1 HP left.

by GoldSGoldS, 22 Dec 2021 03:11
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 21 Dec 2021 19:32
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen Of Ice

Okay, I'm not sure if the chisel is required to trigger some of the conditions for getting the queen to appear, but it is not required in order to fight her. I went up against her twice, and lost pretty badly. The first time I could only make a one technique chain and got obliterated. The second time I was able to match her chains, but my etheric defense was just not up to the task. On the third try I went in with the following stats:

1 Etheric Power
27 Melee Power
-4 Ranged Power

29 Etheric Defense
14 Melee Defense
1 Ranged Defense
2 Stealth Defense

Combat log:

From initially getting Frigid Rulership it took over 30 energy for her to appear. Once she did, though, after the first fight I ran into her again 2 energy later, and then 6 energy after that. I think I may have lost my remaining energy of Frigid Rulership after beating her? I had a lot of effects running, so I wasn't paying close enough attention. I think I should have still had duration remaining, though. Still not sure what the initial trigger was. I should have had 6 or 7 swans carved when the noncombat first appeared, and then been up to 9 by the time the fights started happening. Had killed a few swans, and was placed on leaderboards but was not at the top of any of them by the time the first combat happened. (I killed several more snowmen by the time I beat her and was at the top of the destroyed leaderboard then, but not at first.)

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 21 Dec 2021 19:32
GoldSGoldS 20 Dec 2021 18:24
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen Of Ice

Yes, I had the chisel equipped.

by GoldSGoldS, 20 Dec 2021 18:24
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 20 Dec 2021 14:42
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen Of Ice

Did you still have the chisel equipped when encountering the queen?

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 20 Dec 2021 14:42
GoldSGoldS 20 Dec 2021 06:41
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Queen Of Ice

After placing a total of 100 unmelting ice bricks, carving 25 swans, defeating a good number of swans (7 or so?) and getting Frigid Rulership once, I got this encounter. At that point, 25 snowmen were built, 73 were destroyed, and the total Abomonometer reading was 4.

by GoldSGoldS, 20 Dec 2021 06:41
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 19 Dec 2021 16:19
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Christmas 2021

A reminder that Christmas stuff can probably be expected to start after rollover tonight!

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 19 Dec 2021 16:19
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 13 Dec 2021 04:08
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Tusked Shadow

I'm getting a different version of trample into ground:

The beast tramples you for x melee damage.

Vs what's noted on the wiki:

The beast tramples you into the ground for x melee damage.

Same result opposed/unopposed.

EDIT: actually, a new form of pursue as well, which seems to be related to distance:

[chain 8] [Juryrigged rocket, Blossoming Peace]

The beast pursues you, closing the distance to charge into you for 19 melee damage.

[chain 4-7?] [Shield Block*, Dive for Cover, Foresee, Leaping Dodge, Hoop Jump, Open Parasol]

The beast pursues you inescapably, charging into you for x melee damage.

[chain 3 or non evasion?] [Parry*, Evil Eye, Princely Form, Declaration, Metallic Summons, Offer Passage, Reaching Spear, ]

The beast pursues you, charging into you for x melee damage.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 13 Dec 2021 04:08

No change in text for artificial rage active while using Lesson of Flowers or Blossoming Peace. The text mentions your rage subsiding, maybe if used against a raging opponent?

EDIT: Nothing obvious vs Drunken Tiger, which is raging.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 12 Dec 2021 21:09
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 11 Dec 2021 00:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Blossoming Peace

Does not count as a "good" action (tested with unearthly coin equipped), didn't check with princess bloom.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 11 Dec 2021 00:53

You stumble onto a Matsuo the Demonslayer marathon on one of the local stations. You get to watch him triumph over Vlad Tepes and the Worldsoul.

No special message for vampire cape and overfull goblet while watching Matsuo fight Vlad Tepes.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 28 Nov 2021 04:04
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 26 Nov 2021 00:52
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Goblet Of Bones

Nothing special for coagulation, or getting hit by jagged wounds (I was sure that one would work once I considered it).

Fills to bloody Fills to overful Notes
10 9
8 9* *Also used Pouring blood 13 times - doesn't seem to slow down filling
9 (used at bloody form)
9 8
9* 8 *Took a bunch of damage from jagged wounds - didn't seem to change anything
8 10

Seems like a fairly consistent 8-10 fights to fill, and seems like needing a consistent 6+ damage from a single attack to charge it.

No change to filling nor using it while underwater.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 26 Nov 2021 00:52
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 24 Nov 2021 00:14
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Overfull Goblet

It's not clear from the wiki what the "strangely unsatisfying without flesh." result is from, but I am getting it with Ghoultouched, which is the probably trigger (EDIT: and not getting it with Ghoultouched turned off, so that's almost certainly it):

You kick back and drain the goblet. The liquid within, unsurprisingly, tastes like you just got punched in the mouth.

It's not filling at all, but a strange energy seems to hum back and forth between you and the goblet.

You learned a new Technique: Pouring Blood

It seems strangely unsatisfying without the flesh attached. Ah well, more to do later.

From podcast hints, there's definitely a thing or two more to find. No change with full (40/40) hunger, with Ghoul Bite and Call to Feast in deck, and Ghoultouched active. Maybe we need to do something different with eating people after getting the above message?

EDIT: Nothing with vampire shirt on.

Nothing while eating a meaty haunch with goblet equipped.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 24 Nov 2021 00:14

Emerald Gift Party Hat does not power up Life of the Party.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 21 Nov 2021 05:18
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 20 Nov 2021 01:33
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Recent Updates

Not sure we've really got a great place to cover this, but it looks like the November 19th update has changed the account preferences screen so that you can now separately pick your pronoun (he/she/they) and the gender used for your avatar.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 20 Nov 2021 01:33

Not sure what I did to qualify for this, since I didn't get the Rider of Halloween title so presumably I didn't add the most horses to the fountain. FWIW I did flamethrower the clay a bunch of times.

I don't know about anybody else, but I added equal numbers of each clay figure to the fountain.

by MagnificoMagnifico, 19 Nov 2021 21:32
KinakKinak 19 Nov 2021 20:07
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Halloween 2021 Rewards

Since prizes were late, I was actually able to skip the ones nobody would have gotten this year. The gap is an error on my side. Everyone who earned those items should now have them as OmniMall gifts.


by KinakKinak, 19 Nov 2021 20:07
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 18 Nov 2021 00:55
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Dueling Shot

No obvious bonus to Dueling Shot with quick draw holster equipped - checked all four forms.

No change in message to "You lean out of your dodge" whether blocking melee or ranged. I don't think I've seen the "Following an [evasion] that successfully blocks damage" condition for any/many other techniques. Closest I can think of is the shattered glass interactions of the stained glass messenger techs, (which seem to set hidden flags for the broken glass, and *only* trigger on actually blocking damage). But I don't generally keep an eye out for evasion techniques that enhance other techniques only if they actually blocked damage - something to keep in mind…

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 18 Nov 2021 00:55
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