Following Techniques

Some techniques can be enhanced are used right after another technique in a chain. See technique forms for details.

List of Following techniques

Technique Enhanced if following:
Behind the Mask Any Evasion
Blazing Torch Any Fire
Call of the Moon Any Moon Tides
Clustered Shot Any Ranged
Conservative Fire* Any Ranged or Silver Bullets*
Considered Strike Any Evasion or Stealth
Continuing Fire Any Ranged or Burst Technique
Cyberbowl Rush Ram/WildCat Play
Defensive Burn Any Etheric
Distant Claw* Channel the Deep
Frost Breath* Razor Snowflake
Gamer's Shot Any Ranged
Ghoul Bite Binding Words
Gnarled Claw Frost Breath
Graveshot Any Etheric
Hunting Dash Any Moon Tides
Judgement Vigilance
Knife* Downward Stab
Lupine Gaze Skin of the Wolf
Masked Shot Any Single Shot Technique
Organ Feast Ghoul Bite
Pestle Surprise* Stomping Dance
Piercing Vine Sprouting Slime
Practiced Step Any Melee or Ranged
Predatory Leap Any Moon Tides
Project Mummy Any active Holo
Project Rag Man Any active Holo or Ragged Tendrils
Project Shark Any active Holo
Project Shooter Any active Holo, Ranged or Burst Technique
Project Skull Any active Holo
Project Spider Any active Holo or Call the Swarm
Project Tentacles Any active Holo
Pry Brutality*
Pyromancy Pyrophobia
Ragged Tendrils* Ragged Dodge
Raven's Eyes* Any Etheric
Red Metal Gaze* Any Science
Rending Smoke* Any Smoky
Serpent Pattern* Striking Shield
Serpent Strike* Sudden Bash
Shield Block* Striking Shield
Striking Shield* Serpent Pattern
Sudden Bash* Shield Block
Swordplay Any Melee or Parry
Tin Artillery* Any Rocket techniques
Unleash Spider* Call the Swarm*

NPC-only techniques

Flaring Spear Pin With Spear*
Flying Talon Rake Blazing Wing Batter
Gore With Horns Unfold Arms
Lunge Bite Melt into Stone
Maw Counterattack Opens Maw
Nitro Noxious Mist
Roll Over Clamp Down
Smashes To Ground Horn Hoist
Snake Out Tail Haul in the Air
Solidified Chain Shadowy Chain
Spiky Maw Envelop
Twist Spear Pin With Spear

* These techniques have additional requirements

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