Evil Eye


Image creepy-eye50.jpg
Description A basic etheric attack dependent on Eclipse.
Chain 6
Type Etheric
Attribute Will
Hidden Flags (Gaze Technique)
Special Consumes Eclipse to make a (Base Damage 8) Etheric attack

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You give <opponent> the evil eye, but not much seems to happen.
While Etheric 8 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You give <opponent> the Evil Eye and he bursts into flames. The malefic green fire deals him <X> etheric damage.
While Etheric and blood of the ancients 11 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You focus your gaze on <opponent>. He bursts into crimson flame, taking <X> damage.
While Etheric, vs. someone with Eye Amulet equipped 3 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You give <opponent> the Evil Eye and he bursts into flames. Malefic green fire dances near him, dealing <x> damage.


The Black Book encounter: A Faceless Hero (2-3 instances)
Southside Park encounter: Evil Eye in the Park (1 instance)
Using a flask of tears (1 instance)
Using a helidrone memory with Experienced Observer (1 instance)
Using Kingly Favor (0-3 instances, 3/day)
Consuming toxic squid eyes (1-3 instances, 4 Body)

Used By (Opponents)

Angered Rat
Bound Scarecrow
Evil Snowman
Flying Eye
Herald of Fire
Holographic Mummy
Holographic Skull
Horned Snowman
Masked Shaman
Ocean King
Rag Man
Runic Orb
Subway Dweller
The Mask
Third Eye Hunter
Third Eye Sorcerer
Twisted Raven
Waterlogged Corpse (sewn)

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