Evasion Techniques generally protect you from attacks rather than damaging your enemies. Evasion techniques are improved with Evasion Power.

Evasion techniques can be "Broad" or "Directional". Most evasion Techniques fall under the former category, meaning they block all attacks in during a single pass. However, some techniques only block the opponent you are specifically targeting that round. For details, see Directional Evasion.

There is some weirdness going on with techniques that change to a different damage type other than the one listed in their technique description. (eg. Channel Inspiration with the appropriate inspiration effect active may not get blocked??) Needs spading if this is a bug or intentional or how this works.

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Evasion Techniques

Other techniques that Evade Damage

NOTE: Techniques which block damage as a "side effect" work subtly differently than regular Evasion — they will block damage for the "base form" of the technique, but not if it changes form. For example Clashing Blow normally blocks Melee damage, but will not block Melee Damage if it coming from Channel Inspiration, because Channel Inspiration is not a Melee technique in its base form.

Evasion Technique Info

Technique Type Chain Stat Defense Against Notes
Behind the Mask Evasion 3 Strength 4 x x Becomes a Stealth attack as the opening Technique in a Chain or following other Evasion
4 x x x (with mislit mask or shield)
Dancing Blade Melee 3 / 5 Reflexes ? x (as bonus closer attack)
Glass Helm Evasion 3 Will ? ? ? x
? x x ? x x (while Etheric, first time)
? ? ? x x (while Etheric, further times)
Parry Evasion 3 Reflexes 15+ x
15 x x (with Mercy Killer and silver weapon)
Shield Block Evasion 3 Strength 4 x
4 x x (with shield)
4 x x x (with blastshield)
4 x x x (with shield of scales or Mercy Killer and silvered shield)
Clashing Blow Melee 4 Reflexes ? x Attacks also, when greater MP
Cyberbowl Rush Melee 4 Reflexes 4 ? x ? ? Attacks otherwise, only Long Distance
Dance of Ashes Fire 4 Will 6 x x (following Fire)
6 x x x (with Flaming Encouragement)
10 x x x x (with Flaming Encouragement, if your FP > opponent's FD)
12 x x x x (with Flaming Encouragement, following Fire)
Dance of Silver Evasion 4 Reflexes 8 x x
? x x x x (with Silver Flow)
Dive for Cover Evasion 4 Reflexes 4+ x x x
Flowing Glow Etheric 4 Reflexes 6 x x
Foresee Evasion 4 Perception 8? ? ? ? ? ? needs investigation
Lesson of Flowers Evasion 4 Will 9 ? ? ? ? ?
? x ? ? x x (while Etheric)
? x ? ? ? ? (while Etheric following Lesson of Stars)
? x ? ? x (with tome of flowers)
? x ? ? ? ? (with tome of flowers following Lesson of Stars)
Light in the Shadow Fire 4 Will ? ? ? ? x ? (with ancient candle equipped — to check if anything without candle)
Masked Evasion Evasion 4 Reflexes 4+ x x
6+ x x x (with abstract domino mask)
Moodlight Blinding Stealth 4 Reflexes ? x x
Open Parasol Evasion 4 Will 8 x x x Requires parasol and Etheric
Patchwork Defense Evasion 4 Reflexes 4 x x x*
6+ x x x x (with abstract domino mask)
Practiced Step Evasion 4 Reflexes 5 x x Also can attack
Predatory Leap Evasion 4 Strength 2+ x x
2+ x x x (following later moon cycle techniques)
Scatter Jacks Evasion 4 Reflexes 8 x Innefective against flying/swimming opponents
Scripted Dance Evasion 4 Reflexes ? x
8 x x (with Dance Music)
? ? ? ? ? ? (with Center Stage)
Spore Cloud Evasion 4 Reflexes 6 x Gives mushrooms at end of combat
Tactical Study Evasion 4 Perception 4 x x ?
? x x ? x (with tactical goggles)
Bloodied Dodge Evasion 5 Reflexes 4 x ? ? ?
x ? x x ? (with bloodied coat)
x x ? ? (with bloodied coat and low health)
Beginning Focus Evasion 5 Perception 4 x ? x Only available with lens focused on the unknown equipped
Charmed Defense Etheric 5 Will ? x
? x x x (with charmed shirt)
Cinematic Dodge Evasion 5 Reflexes 2 x x x x
Cloak of Feathers Evasion 5 Reflexes 4 x x
8 x x x x (while Etheric)
Confused Focus Etheric 5 Perception ? ? ? ? ? ? Attacks also, requires lens focused on nothing and Etheric
Defensive Burn Evasion 5 Reflexes 6+ x x
Defensive Prayer Etheric 5 Will ? ? ?
x ? x ? (with Etheric)
x ? x x ? (with Etheric and rosary)
Disruptive Shot Ranged 5 Reflexes 4 x Attacks also, enhanced
Dueling Dodge Evasion 5 Reflexes ? x x
Emerald Thoughts Etheric 5 Will ? x x x
4 x x x x (with Emerald Gift)
Fae Leap Evasion 5 Reflexes 4 x Without Eclipse
6 x x With Eclipse
Flittering Charm Evasion 5 Reflexes 2 ? ? ? x Can do Etheric damage underground
Hoop Jump Evasion 5 Reflexes 6 x* x* Slips between attacks, creating openings in your enemies' defenses
Leaping Dodge Evasion 5 Reflexes 6 x x x
Light of the Eye Etheric 5 Will 8 x x x x Requires Eclipse
Ragged Dodge Evasion 5 Reflexes 6 x Only defense against Melee without the Rag Man's Cape
8 x x x (with Rag Man's cape)
ReflexCoil Leap Evasion 5 Reflexes 2+ x x x
8 x x ? x x (with explosive charge)
Release the Hounds Etheric 5 Will ? x Attacks also, requires tome of binding
Skeletal Mount Etheric 5 Reflexes 1 x
6 x x (with Eclipse)
12 x x x (with Eclipse and horse skull)
Swimming Charm Evasion 5 Will 4 ? ? x ? More effective underwater
Swinging Chain Evasion 5 Reflexes 4 x ? ? ? ? More effective underground
Swirling Blood Stealth 5 Will 3 x
6 x x x (with any blood rose item)
8 x x x x (with any blood rose item and Swaying Blood)
Swirling Circuitry Evasion 5 Reflexes 4 x
4 x x (with trenchcoat)
6 x x x (with coat of mysterious circuitry)
8+ x x x x (with coat of mysterious circuitry and sight link or drunk)
Tubegrown Thoughts Etheric 5 Will 4+ x Attacks also
Vigilance Evasion 5 Perception 4 x x
Owl's Mask Etheric 6 Will 6 x Attacks also, only evades with greater Will
Contempt Etheric 6 Will ? x (with festival mask or party mask)
? x x ? x (with festival mask or party mask following Light of the Eye)
? ? ? ? ? (various other conditions)
Cover Fire Ranged 6 / 8 Perception ? x x x (as bonus closer attack)
Trash Simulacrum Etheric 6 Will 10 x x x x Attacks if unopposed; requires Eclipse
Channel the Deep Etheric 7 Will 3 x Attacks also

Note: Most techniques that evade are powered with Evasion Power, but some (listed under "Type" column) are empowered with other types.

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