Etheric Techniques

Certain special, magical-seeming powers related to Eclipse. Etheric techniques are improved with Etheric Power and reduced vs Etheric Defense.

Legend (technique derived from)
Limited time content Quests
Unearthly Quest derivatives
Unearthly derivatives No trade
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Etheric techniques

Other techniques that can do Etheric Damage

Etheric Technique Info

  • Most Etheric techniques require Etheric or an equivalent effect to be active, and consumes 1 energy of the effect per use. Unlike for most cases, Slags Poisoning cannot be used as a substitute.
  • Other Etheric techniques require a special item or effect to be used - see table below.
  • The Blood of the Ancients effect increases the power of some, but not all, Etheric techniques.

Summary of Etheric Techniques


Technique Chain Stat Pow Requires Notes
Minute Focus 1 Perception ? Etheric + lens focused on minutiae
Binding Words 2 Will 10 Etheric
Grinding Mortar 2 Will 6 Etheric+pestle
Smoke Talons 2 Will 14 Etheric Melee attack if sober
Hex 3 Will 11 Etheric
Agitated Glow 3 Strength 6 Moodlight glove +damage unopposed or with rage effects
Pale Summons 3 Will ?? glass salamander +damage underground
Psychotic break 3 Strength? 15 Etheric Only as opener, against super-innocent targets.
Rasping Teeth 3 Will 12 Etheric Reduces target's Melee Defense
Razor Snowflake 3 Reflexes 10 Etheric or massive snowflake fragment
Rending Smoke 3 Will ? Etheric Does melee damage if sober
Tubegrown Touch 3 Reflexes 8 Etheric +damage as closer or with tubegrown organ
Burrowing Horror 4 Will 6 tome of binding +4 damage unopposed, and/or +6 damage underground
Broken Gaze 4 Will 9 Etheric +damage with broken glasses
Crystal Gate 4 Will 10 Etheric
Discordant Chimes 4 Perception 7+ +damage with Nostalgic Xylophone
Flowing Glow 4 Reflexes ? Only vs. Etheric techniques, otherwise just defense
Frost Breath 4 Will 9 Etheric (various bonuses)
Glass Spear 4 ?? ? Etheric does Melee damage if not Etheric
Life Of The Party 4 Reflexes ?? * Draws on dance and Eclipse
Necrotic Vial 4 Will 10 Etheric Fire attack if sober
Offer Passage 4 Will - ferry coin 8-20 base damage, potentially damages you
Prison of Ice 4 Will 10 Etheric Restrain
Striking Shield 4 Will 8+ Etheric +damage with the shield of scales
Watch Winding 4 Will 12+ ancient timepiece +damage unopposed
Channel Inspiration 5 Will 5 Inspired Imagination +damage with Eclipse
Confused Focus 5 Perception ? Etheric + lens focused on nothing Also defends against some techniques
Crescent Moon Tide 5 Will 5 wolfskin belt
Death Mask 5 Will 10 bone mask
Full Moon Tide 5 Will 20 wolfskin belt
Gaze of Pain 5 Will 10 Etheric +damage vs. injured
Gibbous Moon Tide 5 Will 15 wolfskin belt
Grasping Glow 5 Will 6 Moodlight glove +damage underground/underwater/etc.
Half Moon Tide 5 Will 10 wolfskin belt
Metallic Summons 5 Strength 8 Etheric
Reflected Gaze 5 Reflexes ?? Etheric
Release the Hounds 5 Will 6+ tome of binding +damage with repeat use. Defends vs. etheric.
Scraping Summons 5 Will 9 tome of binding +damage following Burrowing Horror
Serpent Pattern 5 Will 15 Etheric
Skin Of The Wolf 5 Will - wolfskin belt
Spinal Sight 5 Will 7 Etheric Enhanced with spine
Sprouting Slime 5 Will 8 Etheric or underwater enhanced with vines
Stage Magic 5 Reflexes 8 Etheric can do other types of damage with stage wand
Watery Passage 5 Will 8 Etheric +damage on the shore/underwater
Whiteout 5 Reflexes ?? Etheric
Wings Of Glass 5 Will 12? Etheric +damage for doing good or various breaking glass
Call of the Moon 6 Will - wolfskin belt +damage following other Moon attacks
Crystallized Ecofuel 6 Perception 9 Ecofuel flamethrower +damage vs. Etheric opponents
Distant Claw 6 Will 13 Etheric +damage with scientist's claw
Evil Eye 6 Will 8 Etheric
Flowing Ecofuel 6 Will 9 Ecofuel Flamethrower +damage with Fae Sight or vs Aquatics
Generated Gaze 6 Will 12 Etheric +damage with Midgard Player
Harvester Grin 6 Will 8 Etheric +damage with Harvester Mask
Owl's Mask 6 Will 10 Etheric +damage with high Will, blocks Etheric
Hollow Gaze 6 Will ? Etheric +damage with Creative Hollowness
Humanoid Rune 6 Will 10? Etheric or Script effect special Script interactions
Jagged Rune 6 Will 10? Etheric or Script effect special Script interactions
Lesson of Spells 6 Will ? Etheric or tome of spells +damage following Lesson of Stars or vs. etheric influenced
Lupine Gaze 6 Will 8 wolfskin belt
Piercing Glow 6 Will 6 Moodlight glove +damage with Steady Hand/etc.
Pyrophobia 6 Will 14 Etheric Does fire damage if Etheric Defense > Fire Defense
Open Rune 6 Will 10? Etheric or Script effect special Script interactions
Ragged Tendrils 6 Reflexes 11 Etheric
Rattling Chain 6 Strength 10 charmed chain+offhand Unlocks additional charms
Skittering Skull 6 Will 11 Etheric +damage with spidery skull
Snow Maiden 6 Will 12 frozen rose
Spearing Gaze 6 Will 10 Etheric Enhanced with spears
Staring Charm 6 Will 8 Unlocked charmed chain
Staring Mask 6 Will ? Etheric Enhanced with abstract domino mask
Suffocating Sargasso 6 Will 14 Etheric enhanced with vines
Triple Rune 6 Will 10? Etheric or Script effect special Script interactions
Trash Simulacrum 6 Will ? Etheric Blocks attacks techniques if opposed
Tubegrown Gaze 6 Will 10 Etheric +4 damage with tubegrown eyes
Unleash Spider 6 Will 12 tome of binding
Arachnid Glare 7 Will 8 inhuman mask
Call the Swarm 7 Will 12 Etheric Can give spider eggs or spider venom sample
Channel the Deep 7 Will 9 Etheric + damage underwater, also gives 3 base defense
Gem Break 7 Will 15 Etheric (you or opponent) Powered by Eclipse or your enemies' feeble attempts to use it
Glowing Imagination 7 Will 12 Etheric
Hunting Command 7 Will ?? Tome of Binding +damage with Release the Hounds
Petrifying Roar 7 Will 8 Etheric Ineffective at long distance, gives debuff effect
Project Mummy 7 Perception 8 solid mummy hologram*
Project Rag Man 7 Perception 8 solid rag man hologram* +damage following Ragged Tendrils
Project Shark 7 Perception 8 solid shark hologram*
Raven's Eyes 7 Will 7 Etheric +damage (various)
Red Metal Gaze 7 Will 6 Etheric and red-lensed goggles +damage following science techniques
Rose Sovereign 7 Will ? blood rose items enhanced with various
Skittering Charm 7 Reflexes 12 unlocked charmed chain
Skeletal Growth 7 Will 10 Etheric
Spider Eyes 7 Will 10 Etheric enhanced with fixed eyes or following Skittering Skull
Vindictive Shot 7 Perception 10 Ectoplasmic Gore otherwise does Ranged damage
Vision of Rule 7 Will ?? Etheric enhanced with various royal garments
Words of Light 7 Will 10 Etheric enhanced with rifles or hologame tome
Awaken Students 8 Will 8 Etheric +4 damage on campus
Call to Feast 8 Will 15 Etheric Allows Ghoultouched feeding
Pouring Blood 8 Will ?? goblet/blood
Project Shooter 8 Perception 10 solid gunman hologram* +damage vs. Holosighting
Project Spider 8 Perception 10 solid spider hologram* +damage follwing Call the Swarm
Project Tentacles 8 Perception 10 solid writhing hologram* +damage when on solid ground(?)
Runic Howl 8 Will 10 Etheric
Skull Charm 8 Will 6 Unlocked charmed chain
Starry Gaze 8 Will 12 Etheric
Sunless Slime 8 Will 8 Etheric +8 damage underground
Withering Gaze 8 Will 12 Etheric
Project Skull 9 Perception 12 solid skull hologram* +damage vs. Etheric
Royal Decree 9 Will 12 Etheric Bonus damage with consort crown
Stellar Focus 9 Perception ? Etheric + lens focused on the stars
Tumbling Key 9 Reflexes 10 Unlocked charmed chain
Voice of Wrath 9 Will 12 Etheric +damage if opponent is Etheric
Winged Hunter 9 Will 6 tome of binding

* Or following another Project technique starting a chain with the matching hologram.


(see Evasion for full chart of evasive moves)
Technique Chain Stat Def Notes
Flowing Glow 4 Reflexes 6 Defends against R, M, ? techniques
Charmed Defense 5 Will ? Defends against E techniques, and M, R with charmed shirt
Defensive Prayer 5 Will ? Better with Eclipse and/or rosary
Emerald Thoughts 5 Will ? Defends against melee, ??? techniques
Light of the Eye 5 Will 8 Defends against melee, ranged, etheric, and fire techniques
Release the Hounds 5 Will ? Defends against etheric techniques
Skeletal Mount 5 Reflexes 1 Defends against S techniques
Skeletal Mount w/Eclipse 5 Reflexes 6 Defends against M,S techniques
Skeletal Mount w/Eclipse and horse skull 5 Reflexes 12 Defends against M,E,S techniques
Contempt 6 Will ? Defends against etheric (and sometimes M,R,S) techniques
Echo Of Doves 9 Will 8 Defends against M, R techniques
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