Etheric Effects

Some effects alter the way that you see and interact with the world.

In particular:

  • Certain encounters are unlocked while under the effects of Eclipse (marked with an Eclipse.jpg icon)
  • Certain encounter don't show up while under the effects of Eclipse (marked with an coffee.jpg icon)
  • Some of the Etheric Techniques are powered or enhanced by use of Eclipse.

On the wiki, there are many things marked "while Etheric". Unless otherwise specified, this means that any of the following effects work, not just vanilla Etheric.

Effect Unlocks Etheric Encounters Powers Etheric Techniques† Other Effects
Blue Eyes yes no +4 Perception
+4 Code Finesse
Moderately Increases Chance of Choice Encounters
Broken World yes no -10 Etheric Defense
-5 Perception
Drawn Onward yes no -10 Etheric Defense
Etheric yes yes (none)
Fae Sight yes yes +2 Evasion Power
+2 Reflexes
Muffled Sight yes yes +4 Etheric Defense
-4 Etheric Power
Ocean Sight yes yes +2 Etheric Power
+2 Perception
Slags Poisoning yes no +2 Etheric Power
-5 Strength

† Also allows summons from unearthly skills (Urban Lore, Emerald Meditation, etc.)

Gaining Side Effects

When you gain a bunch of energy of Etheric (or other Sight effect) at once, you can sometimes get different results depending on your equipment, skills, etc. This seems to happen from both drugs (eg. Eclipse) and encounter sources (eg. The Stash).

Condition Result
with Muffled Sight active Gain X energy of Muffled Sight intsead (even if you have Fae/Ocean Eyes)
with Ocean Eyes Gain X energy of Ocean Sight intsead
with Fae Eyes Gain X energy of Fae Sight intsead
with Emerald Gift Doll and Emerald music Additionally gain X energy of Emerald music
with porous crystal Gain Etheric as if you had extra +5 Eclipse Duration, and destroy the crystal
with ancient timepiece Additionally gain X/20 (rounded down) copies of Watch Winding
with scientist's claw Additionally gain X/20 (rounded down) copies of Distant Claw
with twisted glasses or navigator's glasses Additionally gain X/20 (rounded down) copies of Broken Gaze
with stage wand Additionally gain X/20 (rounded down) copies of Stage Magic
with fixed eyes Additionally gain X/20 (rounded down) copies of Spider Eyes
with dancing hut figure Additionally gain X turns of of Dancing Hut
with Dark Smoke Additionally gain X/10 (rounded down) copies of Smoke Talons?
with Thawing Blade Additionally gain X/10 (rounded down) copies of Prison of Ice
Stolen Artistry Gain 1 charge if 50 energy gained
classic writing desk Gain 1 charge if 50 energy gained

(Kinak says there is at least one more new thing to find from this, and some other things that might trigger in different ways. - possibly related to vine stuff??)

Removed By

There are several ways to get rid of some or all energy of these effects:

(some of the above need checking if they work with the "minor" versions of Etheric Effects (eg. Slags Poisoning).

Technique triggers

Some techniques can be enhanced if your opponent is using Eclipse (see list below):

Used by* (opponents)

Construction Crew (for the "eyes… monsters… everywhere" encounter only)
Insane Bum
Insane Slasher
Midgard Special Officer
Punk Bomber
Silhouette In Flames
Spider Patron
The Bum
Third Eye Ganger
Third Eye Sorcerer
Third Eye Hunter
Twisted Patron
Unwashed Man (needs testing)?

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