Empty Shard


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Description Something about this shard of mirror strikes you as rather strange, but it takes a moment to put your finger on it. It reflects you just fine, but doesn't seem to reflect anything else. As far as the mirror is concerned, you're floating in a diffusely lit grey void.
Type Usable
Use (See below)


Completing minigames in the Fractured Reflection (1-3, once per day)


At first it seems you're the only thing reflected in the shard, but then you see that your <other empty shard is/collection of other odd glass shards are/ horde of glass shards are> also reflected.

This might merit some further inspection.

Gives a dropdown menu where you can input quantity and type of shard(s):

Quantity Shard Msg Result Recipe
1 empty shard a shining mirror shard Fuse two empty shards
1 reflected apple mislit apple Release a Reflected Apple with an Empty Shard
1 reflected fish mislit fish Trap a Reflected Fish with an Empty Shard
1 reflected flower b mislit flower Let a Reflected Flower fall through an Empty Shard
1 reflected mask b mislit mask Unveil a Reflected Mask with an Empty Shard
1 reflected mushroom b mislit mushroom Pluck a Reflected Mushroom through an Empty Shard
1 reflected scales b mislit snake skin Open the way for some Reflected Scales using an Empty Shard
1 reflected strand mislit strands Pull a Reflected Strand through an Empty Shard
1 reflected sword mislit rusted sword Pull the Reflected Sword from the Empty Shard
1 reflected torch b mislit torch Free the Reflected Torch with an Empty Shard
1 reflected wolf tooth b mislit wolf tooth Extract a Reflected Wolf Tooth with an Empty Shard
1 staring shard b loose eyeball Pluck out a Staring Shard's eye through an Empty Shard

Message a:

You arrange the shards perfectly, so they're reflecting each other, creating an endless tunnel of reflections and crack, they join into one twinkling shard.

Message b:

You arrange the shards to look at the reflected item in the empty shard. Both pieces of glass hum, then shatter into dust.

Message c (Only when used Outside the Slags or inside The Slags and with no combinable items in your inventory):

You play with the shard for a while, but only two things seem to reflect in it. One is you. The other is a monstrous vortex of green energy swirling over Ground Zero at the center of the Slags.

You check over your shoulder. Thankfully there doesn't actually seem to be a sky-devouring vortex hanging over the Slags. Wheh.

Or, if you are out of shards:

Sadly, it seems you're out of empty shards.

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