Eclipse Testing

This page documents testing taking Eclipse for hidden Etheric gains and techniques learned. This has been moved from Items Testing

Most items were tested by Eclipse Syringe. Exceptions may be indicated next to the items affected.

Hats untested:
abstract domino mask
alien museum mask
asymmetric masquerade mask
bone mask
cap of fools
chained museum mask
consort crown
costume police cap
coronation crown
costume crown
elite Halloween mask
emerald facade
fiery museum mask
frosty top hat
grandmother's hat
harvester mask
hollow snowman head
inhuman mask
masquerade mask
national crown
noir retro hat
nurse cap
official Midgard Security cap
old spectacles
optical HUD
ordinary scarf
paramedic eyepiece
pimp hat
plague Halloween mask
pledge hat
reactive mask
rubber mask
sea lord's crown
security balaclava
scarred silver mask
Silver security cap
snowy santa cap
solar mask
Stainless Skulls helmet
survivor's origami crown
torn hunter hat
trick top hat
wolfman mask
wrapped museum mask
wreath of laurels
WildCats helmet

Hats untested but very unlikely:

Hats already tested:

Weapons untested:
anarchist crowbar
army drone model
black sketchbook
building hammer
carved fishing spear
chip junkie sidearm
classy cane
charred crowbar
cosplay polearm
decorative spear
decorated werewolf claw
demonic spike
digging claw
dormitory rubble
dueling knife
Ecofuel flamethrower
entertainment sidearm
executive sidearm
foam brick
foam rock
fragile antique blade
giant gnarled branch
glimmering flame
gold cane
gold knuckles
grave shovel
green treat bucket
gutter pistol
Halloween hammer
harvester blade
hooked chain
hustler's cue
icicle fang
inartistic crowbar
inflatable Cyberbowl ball
KZR needler
lakebottom rock
living sketchbook
luxury holdout
magical princess wand
magnetic sidearm
manhole cover
massive hunting knife
mining pick
mirror-handled pistol
Moodlight glove
national automatic
new fishing pole
novelty axe
novelty switchblade
Oldtown crowbar
old pipe
ornate letter opener
ostentatious blade
personal sniper rifle
pitted chain
plastic branch
postapocalyptic spear
princely sword
pumpkin bucket
red hot pipe
retrofitted needler
ringing flame
royal scepter
salvaged pipe
scarred crowbar
scarred fishing pole
serene crystal
sharp stick
shivering cable
shiny crowbar
silver baton
silver blade
silver knuckles
silver switchblade
Silver Tower switchblade
skeletal staff
slammer bottle
smoldering gun
spider drone leg
spring knuckles
staring eyeball
stressed crowbar
survivors' origami blade
survivors' origami pistol
the bone scepter
the Hammer's sledge
thorny vine
tiny holdout
trick sidearm
twisted spider limb
vicious chain
vine spear
waterlogged handcannon
wired sidearm
witch's broom
Zaibatsu mister
Zalian defense tool
Zalian defense system
Zalian multiweapon

Weapons untested but very unlikely:

Weapons already tested:

Offhands untested:
achromatic heart
achromatic shield
bloodied crystal
blue punch bowl
book of gifts
book of sculptures
ceremonial firework
clattering skull
Coin of the Seasons
collected candle
collectible fundraising ribbon
commemorative laser
crawling golem heart
crumbling firework
crumpled raven feather
crystal owl feather
crystal raven feather
detached eye charm
detached fae charm
detached fang charm
detached fish charm
detached key charm
detached skull charm
detached spider charm
doused firework
dusty clipboard
earthy punch bowl
Emerald Gift doll
emerald tear
empty candy bowl
empty Midgard bowl
empty Oldtown bowl
empty punch bowl
empty retro bowl
empty Silver bowl
equinox coin
exiled fundraising ribbon
fanmod Idoru
ferry coin
fiery blob
flickering candle
foam brick wall
foam skull
foam tombstone
frostbitten hand
frozen rose
fundraising ribbon
gargoyle wing
genuine hawk feather
genuine raven feather
glimmering blob
glowing draught
gold pearl
goblet of bones
green punch bowl
grey punch bowl
Halloween brick wall
halloween counterpetition
halloween map
halloween museum petition
Halloween ribbon
hand of glory
handheld core
heart of the earth serpent
homemade laser
honorary catering tray
Idoru nurse
Jess's ribbon
kraken's heart
labeled firework
lashing golem heart
limited edition Idoru
living sludge heart
lost skull
manhole cover shield
massive pearl
memos from the crypt
minty punch bowl
mislit hand
mold heart
motivational tombstone
museum fundraising ribbon
museum guidebook
nostalgic jacks
nostalgic teddy bear
nostalgic xylophone
odd sketchbook
old fairy tales
Oldtown fundraising ribbon
orange punch bowl
ostentatious ring
pep ribbon
petrol gem
philosopher stone
plush arachnid
poison apple
polysteel punch bowl
princess blooms
putrid sapphire
raven tales
records Halloween ID
resetter's ribbon
retro fundraising ribbon
returned hound plush
rolling eyeball
skeletal hand
skull pile
smoked firework
smoking blob
snow globe
snowman head
solid gunman hologram
solid mummy hologram
solid Rag Man hologram
solid shark hologram
solid skull hologram
solid spider hologram
solid writhing hologram
solstice coin
sovereign orb
spring coin
spooky datareader
spun cube
spun decahedron
spun dodecahedron
spun isocahedron
spun lattice
spun octahedron
spun tetrahedron
statue fundraising ribbon
Stories at an Exhibition
struggling raven
stuffed llama
summer coin
survivors' origami box
survivors' origami coin
survivors' origami crane
survivors' origami shield
survivors' origami vortex
tear of the earth
tome of binding
tome of flowers
tome of spells
tome of stars
toy Vigilante pistol
trash golem heart
university funding bucket
uplifting fable
water sapphire
weeping heart
whisper microphone
winter coin

Offhands untested, but very unlikely:

Offhands already tested:

Shirts untested:
bloodied coat
bullet-holed vest
charmed shirt
classy dress
dot shirt
dripping shirt
dueling jacket
five shirt
four shirt
gingerbread sweater
grave vestments
gutter leathers
heroic toga
holiday sweater
llama sweater
magical princess dress
museum STAFF shirt
nostalgic sweater
phoenix apron
ratty suit coat
regifted toga
ribbon sweater
royal vestments
sheet toga
six shirt
snowflake sweater
snowman sweater
STAFF shirt
survivor's origami shirt
tailored coat
three shirt
tropical shirt
two shirt
unsealed top
wreath sweater

Shirts untested but very unlikely:

Shirts already tested:

Pants untested:
incredibly abused pants
pale costume pants

Pants untested but very unlikely:

Pants already tested:

Gadgets untested:

angular tablet shard
animatronic raven
animatronic snake
battered badge
black tablet shard
blocky tablet shard
crystal spinal rod
crystal spine
crystal spine blade
crystal spine loop
Cyberbowl chipdeck
dorm security badge
Extreme Tackle Box
faux aid kit
flowing tablet shard
Ghost recorder
glowing bauble
Hallowen lei
Halloween security badge
honorary Omega pin
knuckle charm
knuckle necklace
knuckle strands
lens focused on minutiae
lens focused on nothing
lens focused on the crowd
lens focused on the distance
lens focused on the stars
lens focused on the unknown
party security badge
pearl necklace
plastic flower lei
reflexive jumpjet
resonating crystal spine
resonating spinal blade
resonating spinal loop
resonating spinal rifle
resonating spinal rod
shielded jumpjet
shifting maze
Silver fundraising ribbon
stuffed raven
targeted jumpjet
understated watch
unlocked Midgard Player
unshielded jumpjet

Gadgets untested but very unlikely:

Gadgets already tested:

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