Dusty Mysteries

The wispy hospital pants, orbital watch and dusty clipboard are a collection of three unearthly items that are thematically and mechanically collected. See Dusty Encounters for full details.

Wispy Hospital Pants

  • Drinking draught of immortality has no known use (other than the effect).
  • All the no-trade finale rewards have a known associated technique except the cap of fools - is there a technique from this? Kinak confirms there are one or more that tie into the fool (see podcasts below)
  • Do the three boons do anything?
  • infectious slime source
  • Equipping the flower of the dragon has no known use (other than its stat increases)
  • Why does the sorceress have a stethoscope?
  • Shining Castle: What is the trigger for: "You demonstrate some eerily precise shooting with your rifle. The guard concedes the point and agrees to let you into the castle."

Orbital Watch

  • Cap of fools, princess bloom, consort crown and philosopher stone can all be used in minor ways to speed up the orbital watch. Do the other two no-trade items (princely sword and charmed shirt) have any minor uses in the watch content?
  • Mag: Super duper long shot idea: check out the battlefield with a lot of First Aid?
  • Mag: Another ridiculous battlefield idea: go out with a spear weaopn and look for dragons to slay.

Dusty Clipboard

  • Gimme Shelter - is there a way to "abandon it"? (presence judging you)
  • Sheltered Woman - various dead ends. - any way to save her?
  • Maybe try this in various locations? What is the "canonical place" that Kinak references in podcast questions below?


Most times you fail/die in the dusty encounters, they end with the message "The world seems clearer, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges." (ends all encounters for the day). There are some cases where this is different however. Are these significant?

Dusty clipboard: Sheltered Woman: Just chat

The world seems clearer, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges, but you feel as though you've received a message meant for someone else.

Orbital watch: Audience With The King: Suggest peace

The world seems clearer when you awake, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges. But the pain somehow lingers.

Orbital watch: Drone Command Center and Dreaming Dust Castle - failures of the minigames ends the dusty encounters without an explicit "world seems clearer" message.

Wispy hospital pants: Shining Castle: Storm the castle

You charge towards the gates, the guards of the castle mowing you down with their assault rifles before you reach the gates. The castle, the village, and all the world fades before your eyes.

And note that the following are both not a death ending, though seems significant:

Wispy hospital pants: Dusty Throne Room: Approach the queen (after offering dragon blood, after asking about the king):
The pain is unbearable, like needles digging into your flesh, but it soon passes and you find yourself staring at the world with clearer eyes.

Wispy hospital pants: Dusty Throne Room: Offer [the Queen] dragon blood:
When the pain stops, you find yourself somewhere entirely different… somewhere simultaneously clearer and more complicated.

In general

Several messages talk about "clearer eyes". Do the Clear Eyes or Clearest Eyes effects do anything?

Podcast 49 (2017) [before the hospital pants were released]:

Q: Other questions! It seems we've made less progress with the dusty clipboard than the orbital watch; are there further rewards from the clipboard, and can we find them without the watch?

A: There are definitely some interrelationships there, but nothing that requires tying them together. I would have to dig into what you've found with the clipboard, but at very least there's quite a few techniques with the clipboard and last I saw not all were found.

Podcast 50 (2018):

Q: The dusty clipboard. - I think we might actually have a handle on most of the encounters from this, although there could still be some more Easter egg type results for things like getting past the shelter door. The Sheltered Woman, though, we haven't been able to make much progress with, even bringing in some things from the other items like the draught of immortality. Is there some standalone resolution to this, or does it require chaining the different items together? Something like saving the king, then bringing about peace between the nationals and the corps and then doing… something… was the idea that jumped to mind.

A: Between the three items, in addition to the game structure, there is the underlying narrative structure which may not be entirely apparent, there is her relation with the narrative/her fate, and the narrative that shows up there may actually become clearer as more quest chunks come out because more than most unearthly item it has a very canonical place in Metroplex. Possible to jump there now, easier in future.

Q: The orbital watch. -We've found a bunch of stuff with this one, and I personally found the mini-games for winning the war to be pretty fun. There's still some confusion about what variants of Cutting Crossfire there are for having "friends", as well as about the exact trigger for learning it, but other than that are we missing anything significant here?

A: Most of the stuff for that is the mini games and how stuff from the pants plays into the games. Some pretty weird stuff not 100% sure people have found all of most of the stuff there.

Q: The wispy hospital pants. Still a whole bunch of open questions here.
A: Yeah, that maybe should have been 3 coins, but maybe needed a little more for 3 coins.

Q: Any chance of confirmation if there are 'victory' scenarios for the alchemist or the beggar? Something involving the alchemist does seem the likeliest approach for finding whatever it is that crafts with dragon blood.

A: There should be alchemist territory, there's enough stuff it's possible it broken. There's quite a bit you can do with the beggar but not a good end you could say.

Q: The fact that we've found techniques for the charmed shirt, coronation crown, princely sword and princess bloom but not the cap of fools also seems suspicious. Have we just not been cavorting with the fool enough?

A: There are several techniques with the fool. Several may not be the right word, pretty sure there's at least one. At least one technique that ties in.

Q: In the dusty clipboard/orbital watch/hospital pants, how much of remaining undiscovered stuff spans across from two or all three of those items?

A: A fair amount, actually most of the undiscovered stuff, other than the deeper patterns of the mini games, eg. As far as the macro level items, techniques, encounter branches.

Q: How did those items change from your original design of one giant 3-coin item?

A: The giant item was just going to be the pants basically. Instead of 3ish encounter areas depending on item, you always had to get through it. You also had a much much deeper set of connections between the areas. Eg. you had to the castle area to get to the war, so your choices in the castle area made the war. There was a little vignette that made the war which was part of the transition and your choices ………

Podcast 53 (2019):

Q: For the dusty clipboard/orbital watch/hospital pants, you've said that most remaining undiscovered stuff comes from interactions between the three items. Is there anything there that needs to be done on the same day? Like, if you saved the princess today, then something different could happen in the clipboard? As opposed to the princess's blossom interacting with something in the clipboard.

A: Yes, there are some of both. Originally design-wise it was very all same day stuff, and I pulled back on that a bit but there's still some.

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