Drunken Swing


Image drunkenswing.jpg
Description Fight like a drunken brawler
Chain 3
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 4

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4
You swing at <your opponent> like a drunken brawler for X damage.
With Drunk effect 4 2* (M)
You dully mutter and take a swing at <opponent> for X damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but you roll with the hit like a rag doll, avoiding all but X damage.
With Raging effect 6
You roar with incoherent rage and swing at <opponent> for X damage.
As Opener, with Raging effect 10
You leap into the fray, furiously swinging at <opponent> for X damage.

* Increased defense based on Melee Power


Hacking Shared Files with Raging effect active.

Used By (Opponents)

Drunken Dancer
Vampiric Partygoer

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