Dr. Mira

(Dr. Mira is a doctor in the Midgard Laboratory. This page documents her combat stats but she can also be talked to peacefully in Dr. Mira's Team and Dr. Mira Talks encounters.)


Image Female-Scientist.jpg
Combat Name Doctor Mira
HP 22-25
Stats Perception: 12
Reflexes: 4
Strength: 2
Will: 4
Power Melee: 0
Fire: 4
Stealth: 2
Unopposed: 4
Defense Melee: 0
Fire: 2 (unless she has reactive)
Etheric: 2-3
Awards 4 XP
You found: first aid kit (sometimes)
You found: scrubs bottoms (sometimes)
You found: scrubs top (sometimes)
You found: examination glasses


Choice encounter in the Midgard Laboratory


Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Syringe Injection 2 Nothing Gives 2 turns of Blood Toxin
or Gives 3 turns of Mild Neurotoxin
or Gives 4 turns of Dream State
or Gives 5 turns of Weighted
Acid Splash 3 8 8-16 Stealth (normal)
'' 12 12-24 Stealth (opener)
Punch 3 2 2-4 Melee
Dive for Cover 4 ? ? Evasion (M,R,F)
Nitro 4 10 10-14 Fire
" 16 16-20 Fire (following Noxious Mist)
Noxious Mist 5 5 5-10 None (normal) Gives 5 turns of Coughing Fit
'' Nothing (if air filter equipped)
This opponent has +4 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.


nomnom25.jpg You feast on Doctor Mira's flesh, regaining x Energy. evil
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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