Devilish Flames


Image devilfire.jpg
Description Call on the mask's fire
Chain 7
Type Fire
Attribute Will
Special Like all fire, feeds on many fuels. Its fuels are masks, "medicine," and madness

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Without either Etheric or equipped devil mask
You glare at <opponent> with fire in your eyes.
Otherwise, see this line & below. Requires equipped devil mask or consumes 1 turn Etheric
If your ED ≤ 0 15 *
Fire rolls through your body and into <opponent>'s for <x> damage.
If 0 < your ED < opponent's ED 15 *
You cackle maniacally as <opponent> bursts into flames for <x> damage.
If your ED ≥ opponent's ED 10 *
(without devil mask) Your face twists into a terrible mask as <opponent> bursts into flames for <x> damage.
(with devil mask) You glare at <opponent> from behind your mask as he bursts into flame for <x> damage.


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