Desperate Dockhand



Encounter Conditions

Only on Dr. Thomas quest and have a crate of Eclipse in inventory

Initial Text

You find a dock hand curled up next to a crate, nursing a bottle of whiskey. "Not as good as Eclipse, never as good as Eclipse."

Summary of Choices

  1. Offer him a crate to share (evil) - Lose a crate of Eclipse, progress in Dr Thomas Quest
  2. Pick his pocket - Gain 2 of pep pill, whiskey bottle, cup of Joe
  3. Ignore him - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Offer him a crate to share (evil)

"Oh man, yeah thanks so much!" he drags the crate off.

"I owe you one!"

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)

Pick his pocket

He's so distracted, its almost sad how easy he is to pickpocket. You grab a handful of stuff out of his pocket and he doesn't even look up from his bottle.

You found: 2 of pep pill, whiskey bottle, cup of Joe

The coin in your hand grows cool. (With Unearthly coin equipped)

Ignore him

See Walk Away

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