Data Scrubber


Image Sledgehammer25.jpg
Description This program is explicitly designed to destroy sites on the net. Given enough access you can use it to completely wipe a system.

Its design has to include a few bells and whistles, like searching for hidden files, but is otherwise rather bare bones.
Type Program
Requires 2 Processor
Tools Extract Code, Junk Data, Kill Command


Note: The following recipe still exists but one or more ingredients are no longer available.

Widen the scope of a Code Injector with a Quick Scan and a Deep File Scan
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from browsing hidden files in a software company with Advanced Interpreter in your inventory
Code Injector Quick Scan Deep File Scan
= Data Scrubber


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


As indicated in the description, this program allows you to browse hidden files.

When you access a site you have full control over with this program installed, you get an additional "Trash System" option. Choosing it costs 1 energy, removes the site from your target list, and gives this message:

You set about systematically destroying the system. When you're done, nothing is left of <sitename>.

On maddening sites the following is added.

The static crackles once last time and disappears, taking the massive net of data with it.

And if it's maddening and also with deputy tracker installed:

In the comforting silence, your computer chirps cheerfully and displays a large block '4' superimposed on a badge. That must be the weird tracker you're running.

Possibly, when a site is scrubbed, but someone has the site address in their links and tries to log into it:

The moment you connect, you realize something is wrong. The display is grainy and massive streaks of unnatural colors shoot through the false sky.

On closer inspection, your original hunch proves to be correct: someone tore down <sitename> byte by byte.

Tool Summary

Tool Memory Size Target Intensity Notes
Extract Code 3 Hardening 3 If the defender's hardening is already destroyed, pulls out some of their code instead
Junk Data 2 Memory 1 Disrupts normal defenses the target uses during their next pass.
Kill Command 5 n/a n/a Instantly shuts down an enemy if your Code Finesse is high enough
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