Cyberbowl Rush


Image cyberbowlrushing.jpg
Description Rush forward for a melee attack
Chain 4
Type Melee
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 4
Special At Long Distance, do your best to cover the distance instead

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4 -
You rush into <opponent> for x damage.
At Long Distance - ?? (R, !F, ??) (with or without arms)
You rush towards <opponent>, moving erratically to present a harder target.
<Opponent attacks>, but you dive at the right moment to avoid all but x damage.
With commemorative cyberarms 8 -
You rush into <opponent> with cyberarms locked for x damage.
Following WildCat Play or Integrated Ram Play 8 -
You continue your rush, plowing into <opponent> for x damage.
With commemorative cyberarms, following WildCat Play or Integrated Ram Play 12 -
You continue the rush like a real Cyberbowl player, plowing into <opponent> with locked cyberarms for 6 damage.


Using a practice pass with cyberbowl ball equipped.

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