Custom Weapon

The smuggler sighs. "Man, everytime somebody asks me this I have to go to the crazy ladies or rob a museum or something. But fine, let's see what you got."

He looks you over, then asks you to go through some forms for him. "Alright, I'll see if I can find something that matches your style."

He leaves and comes back quite a while later. "Here, try this out, just might work."

Results (dependent on deck):

NOTE: sayeth Kinak: "There aren't 'pure' custom weapons, they're all hybrid in various ways. I don't recall offhand if Thorp <my charred head> is off the normal defaults, but you wouldn't have gotten a pure etheric one either way."

In other words, I'm guessing a double (hybrid) deck will always get you that combination, whereas having a single deck will give you a default hybrid weapon (e.g. ranged decks always get you the zaibatsu mister?). Don't know if there are 'triple' hybrid weapons, but I sort of doubt it. We've confirmed that it does not check for 'primary' or 'secondary' types - a mix of etheric and fire in any combination will get you a charred head.

Weapons in parentheses show what the smuggler defaults to if you have a single-type deck.

Etheric Fire Melee Ranged Stealth
Etheric (charred head?) charred head Valentine's Knife bloodied rifle black gemstone
Fire charred head (Zaibatsu mister) fire etched sword Zaibatsu mister carved crystal orb
Melee Valentine's Knife fire etched sword (spring knuckles) close combat needler spring knuckles
Ranged bloodied rifle Zaibatsu mister close combat needler (Zaibatsu mister) personal sniper rifle
Stealth black gemstone carved crystal orb spring knuckles personal sniper rifle (black gemstone)

NOTE: There are no 'evasion' custom weapons. There are also no 'none' custom weapons.

The smuggler cannot give you a weapon if you do not have any techniques in your deck (thanks, Happy Yeti!)

Also note that 16 Base Will is required to be able to buy a custom weapon.

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