Crafting is the art of combining two or more items into a single better item. So far there are six forms of crafting in the game:

WeldingTorch25.jpg Armory
ChemKit25.jpg Chemistry
computerchip.jpg Coding
toolbelt.jpg Electronics
ButcherKnife25.jpg Sushi
pileofjunk.jpg Simple (see also: coffee crafting)

It is also possible to take composite items and break them down into their component parts. You can salvage physical items, and decompile code.

computerchip.jpg Decompile (see also: Handscripting)
toolbox.jpg Salvage
Protein25.jpg Protein Analyzer

There are also semi-crafting categories linked with unearthly items.

Puzzle-Box-25.jpg Powder Pouring (Mysterious Puzzle Box needed)
Composting%20Flamethrower25.jpg Ecofuel Flamethrower

See also: Recipes By ID

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