Crackling Speakers



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

They've hauled in some speakers to one end of the ballroom. They thrum and crackle, but you can't hear them clearly, as though they're missing power or the magnetic elements are blown out of something.

A student stands a bit off to the side, staring at the speakers as though the random shrieks are his new favorite album.

Summary of Choices

  1. Add a capacitor array (with capacitor array) - lose 1 capacitor array, construction progress
  2. Plug in shivering capacitors (with shivering capacitors) - lose 1 shivering capacitors, construction progress
  3. Run through magnetic coil (with magnetic coil) - lose 1 magnetic coil, construction progress
  4. Check the wires - gain 4 XP Perception
  5. Talk to him - gain 4 XP Will
  6. Jump him - fight Hipster
  7. Leave him well enough alone - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Add a capacitor array

You link the capacitor array into the system, which should help power things up a bit.

Plug in shivering capacitors

You link the strange capacitors into the system and begin to hear whispers from the speakers, faint sounds demanding your attention… and demanding you join the hunt.

Run through magnetic coil

You add a magnetic coil to the speakers, pumping up the volume. You're not sure what it's supposed to be playing but for now it's just a strange feedback like harsh whispering.

Check the wires

You take a while, poking at the speakers. The speakers are either cheap for their size or intended to be quiet, neither of which would explain why they don't accept any sort of input.

It's almost like they just intend them to broadcast the electrical noise from the cables themselves.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Talk to him


He points at the speakers. "Can you hear it? Man, it's not the Emerald Gift but it's damned close. Fucking brilliant."

"You can almost hear the hunting horns from that track they leaked a few years back. Ugh. If only it was louder. Everybody needs to hear this."

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Jump him

You take him by surprise. He gives you a momentary stare like he's ready to fight, really fight, but backs down just as quickly and starts looking for a way out.

(Fight Hipster)

Leave him well enough alone

It looks like they're hooked up. It should take care of itself.

(Walk Away)

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