Cool Coin


Image shinycoin.jpg
Description The coin you're carrying is cool. Both in the sense that it's rather neat and in that it feels like you just pulled it out of a fridge.
Effects +1 Etheric Power
+1 Fire Defense


Having an unearthly coin equipped while performing certain morally questionable actions (5 energy):

  • Selling Eclipse to a dock security guard
  • Making an example of a docks worker under your gang's control
  • Blackmailing a dock security guard for money
  • Devouring the flesh of your enemies (with Ghoultouched) even when you do not need it for sustenance
  • Slipping Eclipse into the sewer hideout guard's drink.
  • Observing a test subject in the slags.
  • Egging on the protestors to beat the pool shark to death.
  • Pickpocketing the Desperate Dockhand.
  • Sneaking away from where David is being held.
  • Fighting a punk student.
  • Letting Midgard abduct a homeless man in southside park.
  • Poisoning the fish in the Dock Song quest.
  • Arm wrestling in Fishing Tales


This effect disappears if you remove the coin.

See also: Cold Coin, Freezing Coin, Warm Coin

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