Cooking Ingredients

The following items can be used in cooking crafting to produce new foods.

Experimental Crafting

You can try combining two ingredients to produce new items:


Learned Recipes

Introduction to Baking:

  • Sliced Bread - Bake up a little loaf from 2 cups of Flour
  • Cake Batter - Whip up 2 Eggs and Flour (0 Energy)
  • Cookie Dough - Mix Egg, Flour, and Butter (0 Energy)
  • Egg Noodles - Roll out two cups of Flour and an Egg
  • Pizza Dough - Make a simple dough out of Flour (0 Energy)
  • Pie Dough - Cut Butter into two cups of Flour

Baking, Vol. 2:

  • Grilled Cheese - Grill a Cheese Slice between Sliced Bread
  • Piece Of Cake - Layer a cake from 2 bowls of Cake Batter
  • Caramel Chip Cookie - Break a Caramel Bar into some Cookie Dough
  • Buttery Noodles - Drizzle some Egg Noodles with Butter
  • Cheese Fries - Top some Pizza Dough with a Cheese Slice
  • Slice Of Apple Pie - Contain five Apples in two layers of Pie Dough

Quest Recipes (lost on reset)

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