Coding is unlocked by gaining the Simple Coding skill. Coding requires 1 Energy per recipe used.

Successful coding gives one of at least two messages. One of these may correlate with discovering a new recipe.

You slave away at your computer, carefully combining, testing, and refining code:

You created:

You piece the code together and tweak it until it finally starts working:

You created:


See Coding Ingredients


(some things missing here - see Recipes by ID for a more complete list)

  • Advanced Interpreter - Upgrade a normal Language Interpreter with Optimizing Code to handle more advanced programs
  • Blackthorn Alpha† - Integrate an Updating Firewall with Blackthorn v6
  • Blackthorn v6† - Let a Security Updater do its job on Blackthorn v5
  • Chaotic Firewall - Add the element of chance to a Software Firewall using some Fractal Code
  • Chaotic Tester - Add chaos to a Vulnerability Tester using some Fractal Code
  • Cleaned Data - Disinfect a Viral Mass with an Antiviral Patch
  • Code Injector - Implement your Vulnerability Database with a File Interface
  • Crystal Blackthorn† - Weave Crystal Tester software into Blackthorn v6
  • Crystal Tester†? - Feed a Vulnerability Tester through some Orderly Code
  • Daily Tester† - Continually update your Vulnerability Tester with a Security Updater
  • Data Scrubber*†?1 - Widen the scope of a Code Injector with a Quick Scan and a Deep File Scan
  • Deep File Scan - Expand your File Scan to use a Vulnerability Database
  • Defensive Jammer† - Turn a Network Jammer to defensive purposes with an Updating Firewall.
  • Depth Charge† - Grant your Code Injector further access with a Deep File Scan.
  • Eavesdropping Tools - Connect your Network Interpreter with a Vulnerability Database
  • Fast D - Soup up your Decompiler with some Optimizing Code
  • File Scan - Update a File Interface with an Automation Routine
  • Fractal Cheat - Inject some Fractal Code into Optimizing Code
  • Fractal Loop - Run some Fractal Code through an Automation Routine
  • Fractal Tester - Join a Fractal Loop to a Chaotic Tester
  • Intrusive Jammer† - Extend the reach of your Network Jammer within systems with a Code Injector
  • Intrusive Search - Create a Target Search utilizing a Vulnerability Database
  • Midgard Blackthorn† - Further expand a Blackthorn v6 using Midgard Internal Code
  • Midgard Protector† - Complete a Midgard Protection Suite with Midgard Internal Code
  • Midgard Shrieker† - Twist a Network Jammer with some Midgard Internal Code
  • Midgard Tester† - Affix some Midgard Internal Code to a Vulnerability Tester
  • Network Jammer - Restrict traffic with a Network Interpreter and a Software Firewall
  • Network Scan† - Improve your Eavesdropping Tools with some Quick Scan software
  • Optimized Targeter† - Do your best to apply some Optimizing Code to a Targeting Algorithm
  • Optimizing Code - Supplement an Automation Routine with a Math Subroutine
  • Protein Hijacker† - Feed a Protein Reader through a Code Injector
  • Protein Loop - Set an Automation Routine to examine the Protein Database
  • Protein Receiver - Set a Protein Loop to search with a Network Interpreter
  • Protein Reader - Expand a Protein Loop with a File Interface
  • Quick Scan - Punch up a File Scan with some Optimizing Code
  • Security Updater - Run a set of Security Patches through an Automation Routine
  • Shining Barrier†? - Reinforce a Software Firewall with Orderly Code
  • Sloppy Decompiler - Corrupt a Decompiler with some Fractal Code
  • Software Firewall - Implement some Security Patches with Networking Code
  • Target Search - Create a basic search with two sections of Networking Code
  • The Tar Pit*†?2 - Tune a Software Firewall with a Vulnerability Database
  • Thorough Decompiler - Improve your Decompiler by adding a File Scan
  • Unsettling Loop†? - Twist a Fractal Loop with another layer of Fractal Code
  • Updating Firewall - Automate your Software Firewall with a Security Updater
  • Vulnerability Database - Correlate the data from two sets of Security Patches
  • Vulnerability Tester - Implement your Vulnerability Database with some Networking Code

* Not kept over beta resets.
† Requires an advanced interpreter

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