Chaotic Tester


Image Fractal25.jpg
Description This program is an unpredictable mess of tools. The code is painful to behold, but it seems to work, which makes it a lot harder to complain.
Type Program
Requires 1 Processor
Tools Burst of Static, False Intrusions, Probe Defenses, Exploit, Fractal Expansion, Formatting Strike
Effects +1 Code Finesse


Note: The following recipe still exists but one or more ingredients are no longer available.

Add chaos to a Vulnerability Tester using some Fractal Code
Vulnerability Tester Fractal Code
= Chaotic Tester


Join a Fractal Loop to a Chaotic Tester
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Chaotic Tester Fractal Loop
= Fractal Tester
computerchip.jpg security patches
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.

Tool Summary

Tool Memory Size Target Intensity Notes
Burst of Static 2 Memory 3
Exploit 3 Memory 2 +2 damage if you used Probe Defenses earlier this round
False Intrusions 2 Hardening 4 Deals 1 damage to memory instead if it the target has no hardening
Formatting Strike 2 Memory 3 Gains 2 Piercing, which attempts to bypass Hardening, following Fractal Expansion
Fractal Expansion 4 Processor 1 Is increased in power by your Code Finesse
Probe Defenses 0 Memory 1 Adds +2 damage to Exploit when used earlier in the same round
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