Caterer Discussion



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Some caterers move through the ballroom, peering at the in-progress decorations and discussing something among themselves.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stop to chat - Various results in various disguises
  2. Follow them - 4 XP Perception, explores area?
  3. Jump them - Fight Caterers
  4. Leave them be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Stop to chat

They chat a bit about where they're going to be serving food and drinks. It sounds like they don't want to try and set things up too much before the layout gets done, but they promise it'll be done on time.

(Or, with Catering Outfit)

They stop their search for a bit to complain about how everyone at Midgard is being giant prima donnas about this party. The male caterer builds up a head of steam. "They've got their whole thing going on across town, but everybody's gotta have a say in this. One department wants candy and complementary spider masks, they make sense even if that lady is super scary. But the other is like 'we need drones and blood fountains!'"

His female counterpart jumps in, "did you not talk to the people who want real gold gelt and fucking glitter? It's like they've never cleaned up glitter before! And this is Halloween, not Mardi Gras!"

You let them rant for a bit. They seem to feel quite a bit better afterwards.

(Or, with Midgard Security Outfit)

They chat a bit about where they're going to be serving food and drinks for a while before stopping and giving each other a significant glance. One starts up "I don't really know if this is your area, but we're getting shipments from a lot of weird sources. Midgard can use internal mail to send stuff to us, but we've never heard of Fenris or Utgard."

"Beverages aren't usually Fenris… that's gotta be some Hound Drone thing, right? And who wants Utgard candy? What even is an Utgard."

Follow them

From what you can tell, they're scouting the area, trying to decide where to put food and drinks. But everything is still so in flux, they've got a whole pile of different potential plans.

You learn some about the layout, though.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Jump them

You jump the caterers. They're frozen motionless for a moment, but make preparations to flee as they regain their senses.

(Fight Caterers)

Leave them be

Yeah, it doesn't seem like they're up to anything important yet.

(Walk Away)

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