Image caneattack.jpg
Description Deliver or continue a satisfactory beating
Chain 4
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 5

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 5
You strike out at <opponent> as though it's the most natural thing in the world, dealing <x> melee damage.
Following unopposed beating techniques 10
You continue raining blows on <opponent> for <x> melee damage.
With a cane weapon equipped 7
You strike <opponent> with your cane for <x> melee damage
With a cane weapon equipped, vs. opponent wearing at least one Bum outfit part or Catering outfit part 10
You beat <opponent> like an ungrateful servant for <x> melee damage.
With a cane weapon equipped following unopposed beating techniques 13 Takes priority over above message
You continue pummeling <opponent> with your cane for <x> melee damage.


Wielding a cane weapon and using the melee-following variant of Swordplay.

Used By (Opponents)

Tower Resident Male
Solar Attendee
Vampiric Partygoer

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