Candle In The Dark


Image candleinthedark.jpg
Description Shed a little light
Chain 3
Type Fire
Attribute Will
Base Damage 1

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Base Defense Notes
Normally 1
You light a tiny fire, burning <it> for <x> fire damage.
With a candle equipped 4 ?? (S)
You push your candle towards <opponent>, burning <it> for <x> fire damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but the candle illuminates <it> a moment too soon, preventing all but <X> / of the damage.
vs. Spectral and Taking Eclipse opponents ?? ??
You light a tiny fire to drive back the darkness, burning <it> for <x> fire damage.
With a candle equipped, vs. Spectral and Taking Eclipse ?? ?? (S, E, !M, R?, F?)
You push your candle into the darkness around <opponent>, burning <it> for <x> fire damage.
<You attack>, but the candle dissipates the darkness around <opponent>, preventing all but x damage.


Old Cathedral: Array of Candles: light a candle with a candle equipped

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