Burrowing Horror


Image burrowinghorror.jpg
Description Calling a burrowing creature from the depths
Chain 4
Type Etheric
Attribute Will
Special Base Damage 6 with your tome

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally x
You chitter at the ground.
With a tome of binding 6
You chitter a passage from your tome aloud. A ghostly creature, all legs and chitin, strikes at <opponent> with its appendages, dealing x damage.
With a tome of binding while underground 12
You chitter a passage from your tome aloud. Ghostly creatures, all legs and chitin, crawl from the walls, surrounding <opponent> and scratching at it for <x> damage.


Defeating a Burrowing Centipede with a Tome of Binding equipped


During Halloween 2012 events, this could be lost if you release a burrower to rescue a buried student.

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