Bullet for Ginn


Image bulletforginn.jpg
Description More effective against madmen
Chain 6
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 5
Special Distracts the mad if your Ranged Power is greater than their Etheric Power

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 5 -
You fire a strangely twitching round at <opponent> for <X> damage.
Vs. Etheric, if your RP > opponent's EP 8 10 (E) Only blocks the opponent you are targeting(?)
You take advantage of <opponent's> distraction to arc an unnaturally twitching round into him for <X> damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but the strange arcing shot distracts <opponent>, cutting his attack short by all but <X> / of the damage.


Spacious Cargo Pants

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