Beta Reset Checklist

A quick guide to various stat tests and the like that might be useful if you're trying to do a quick beta reset. See individual pages for details.

Southside Park

- Fang Points: Helping Carlos: Shakedown bums 6 times, or 4 times if you scatter them.


- Docks Medicine: Need 4 Perception (buffed) to find the crate of medicine (needs confirmation)
- Jagged Hole: Need 10 points in exploration (wall = 4, explore = 2, blackmail = 1, crude map = 1), or just follow the fairy
- Eavesdrop for Dr. Thomas: Kill 10 or fewer guards
- Couriers: Need 6 Perception (buffed) to follow them to the Security Hole
- Security Hole: Need ???? to pass first checkpoint (increases as you go deeper?)
- Gang Boss: Kill 25(?) guards


- Beaten Man (Lure a guard away): Need 9 Perception (buffed)
- Beaten Man (Charge in): Need 10 Reflexes (buffed) and 1 Stealth Power
- Saber: 6 Etheric Defense (or 18? Will, or ???? to intimidate)


- First Floor: Kill 4 enemies
- Second Floor: Kill 1 enemy or ask for directions
- Third Floor: ????
- Fourth Floor: Kill 3? enemies or ask for directions (after starting Ship of the Damned quest)
- Fifth Floor: Needs ???? stats or kill 3 drones/eyes


No required stat tests that I can think of?

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