Banquet Room 2019


This is in the Downtown area.

This area counts as indoors, ???

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Dock Security You hear someone hastily whispering something about imposters. As you turn around, you can see a guard talking into a walkie-talkie as he charges at you. Only with Watchful Guards active, and Midgard Security outfit? Lose all Watchful Guards if you win.
Eclipse.jpg Twisted Hound You see a shadow loping between the scaffolds, making its way closer and closer towards you until its ready to pounce. After some amount of hound crystals installed? Post combat message: "Even as it falls, distant howls continue to echo through the banquet room."
Eclipse.jpg 2 Twisted Hounds You hear a distant howling echoing through the ballroom. As you turn to see its source, you see a pair of lupine shapes in the shadows, clicking their way towards you.

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Stack of Speakers

  1. Add a capacitor array (with capacitor array) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 capacitor array
  2. Plug in shivering capacitors (with shivering capacitors) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 set of shivering capacitors
  3. Run through magnetic coil (with magnetic coil) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 magnetic coil
  4. Insert a hound crystal - (with hound crystal, after checking the speakers) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 hound crystal
  5. Add artificial hound crystal - (with artificial hound crystal, after checking the speakers) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 artificial hound crystal
  6. Insert your resonant emerald crystal (with resonant emerald crystal, after checking the speakers) - Enhance speakers, lose 1 resonant emerald crystal
  7. Listen closer - Gain 4 XP in Perception
  8. Check the speakers - Gain 4 XP in Perception, unlock crystal options.
  9. Leave well enough alone - Nothing

Incomplete Scaffolding (Only when not enough scaffolding has been erected)

  1. Add a polysteel support (With polysteel support) - Gain 4 XP in Strength, lose 1 polysteel support
  2. Add a steel length (With steel length) - Gain 6 XP in Strength, lose 1 steel length
  3. Shake him off (With Watchful Guards active) - Gain 4 XP in Reflexes, lose all duration of Watchful Guards
  4. Examine it - Gain 2 XP in Perception, learn polysteel support recipe?
  5. Knock it over - Gain polysteel support or with Watchful Guards fight Dock Security (better results with crowbar)
  6. Leave it be - Nothing

Caterer Discussion

  1. Stop to chat - Various results in various disguises
  2. Follow them - 4 XP Perception, explores area?
  3. Jump them - Fight Caterers
  4. Leave them be - Nothing

Grumbling Student

  1. Hang crepe paper (with crepe paper) - lose crepe paper, adds to decorations
  2. Drape decorative webbing (with decorative webbing) - lose decorative webbing, adds to webbing
  3. Chat with him - gain 2 XP Perception, lose all Watchful Guards
  4. Burn it! - burns?, fight Hipster and with Watchful Guards, also fight Dock Security
  5. Leave him be - Walk away

Security Following - while not in catering outfit.

  1. Stop to chat - gain 2 XP Will
  2. Shake him off - Fight Dock Security or, with higher Stealth Power: gain2-4 XP in Reflexes, lose all Watchful Guards
  3. Share a cup of Joe - gain 4 XP Will, lose cup of Joe
  4. Jump him - Fight a Dock Security
  5. Let him watch - Walk Away, gain 10 duration of Watchful Guards

Movable Scaffolding

  1. Hang woodland crepe (With woodland crepe) - Gain 4 XP in Will, decorate walls, lose 1 woodland crepe
  2. Add crepe paper (With crepe paper) - Gain 2 XP in Will, decorate walls, lose 1 crepe paper
  3. Weave decorative webbing (With decorative webbing) - Gain 4 XP in Reflexes, decorate walls, lose 1 decorative webbing
  4. Sprinkle gold powder (With gold powder) - Gain 4 XP in Reflexes, decorate walls, lose 1 gold powder
  5. Spread craft glitter (With craft glitter) - Gain 4 XP in Reflexes, decorate walls, lose 1 craft glitter
  6. Take a nap - Gain 39 hit points.
  7. Set it on fire - Destroy it, or with Watchful Guards, fight Dock Security, or with Etheric, fight Scaffolding Spider
  8. Leave it be - Walk away

Frightened Caterers - showed up very briefly on Oct 28th

  1. Urge calm - help caterers?, gain 2-3 Will
  2. Chase them - fight Caterers?
  3. Let them run - walk away

Rushing Caterers - starting midday Oct 29th

  1. Help them move - nothing, unless in catering outfit, gain 4 XP Strength
  2. Sneak after them - fight 2 Dock Security, or with sufficient Stealth Power:
    1. Grab something - gain: 2-3 candy flies or 4-6 of: candy corn, candy eyeball, crunchy spider, peanut butter candy or 2-3 hound wine, spider wine or 2-3 bloody punch mix
    2. Poke through the crates - gain 4 XP Perception
    3. Move some crates - help caterers, gain 4 XP Strength
    4. Leave it - gain 3 XP Reflexes and Will
  3. Jump them - fight Caterers, or with Watchful Guards fight Dock Security
  4. Let them work - walk away

Fluttering Walls of Crepe - Oct 30th

  1. Add skull fountain (With skull fountain) - gain 10 XP Will
  2. Install mirrored glass (With mirrored glass) - gain 8 XP Will
  3. Sprinkle gold dust (With gold powder) - gain 4 XP Reflexes
  4. Spread craft glitter (With craft glitter) - gain 4 XP Reflexes
  5. Hang more decorative webbing (With decorative webbing) - gain 4 XP Reflexes
  6. Hide a chattering skull (With chattering skull) - gain 6 XP Reflexes
  7. String up a paper bat (With paper bat) - gain 2 XP Will
  8. Check the student - learn skull fountain recipe
  9. Attack the student - fight Hipster (and with Watchful Guards, also Dock Security), drops craft glitter in addition to normal drops
  10. Leave it be - walk away
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