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When other players can see you, either in your profile page or in Gang Warfare, they see you as your Avatar. If you've unlocked any Avatars, you can choose which one is used in your Account Preferences (click your name in the upper left, then scroll down).

Many avatars are available commemorating various accomplishments in the game, but if you need just the right one, you can also request Custom Avatars drawn by our very own Puyo.

You will always have access to a given avatar once you earn it, even if you leave gang warfare or beta reset.

Known Avatars

Name Male Female Alt Text How to get it
Melee MeleeM.jpg MeleeF.jpg Wielding baseball bats (Default)
Ranged PistolM.jpg PistolF.jpg Wielding a pistol (Default)
Blademaster SwordWielderM.jpg SwordWielderF.jpg Menacing with a sword Using melee techniques in PvP(?)
Sharpshooter SharpshooterM.jpg SharpshooterF.jpg Lining up the perfect shot Using ranged techniques in PvP(?)
Pyromaniac PyromaniacM.jpg PyromaniacF.jpg Crazy firestarter Using fire techniques in PvP(?)
Sorcerer SorcererM.jpg SorcererF.jpg Drawing upon the Ether Using etheric techniques in PvP(?)
Stealth alleyskulkM.jpg alleyskulkF.jpg In the shadows Using Stealth techniques in PvP
Cannibal GhoulFeastM.jpg GhoulFeastF.jpg Even though discouraged by most cultures, cannibalism is making a comeback in Metroplex Eating the flesh of your enemies in PvP
The Faceless Blank-Faced-AvatarM.jpg Blank-Faced-AvatarF.jpg Like a mirror, holding nothing, reflecting everything Capture X gang warfare opponents using Catch Reflection and then use Mirror Gazing
Extreme Angler Fisherking-M.jpg Fisherking-F.jpg A master fisher and the most Extreme catch: the virtual bass Gotten while in full fishing gear; this includes the Virtual Pet Bass. You do not need to have actually caught anything today, nor do you need to actually win the fight. (Does this require pvp??)
Valentine Killer QuadPsycho-M.jpg QuadPsycho-F.jpg The next Valentine Killer Fighting in PvP at the Quad while wearing the Valentine Killer outfit
The Vigilante Reborn MaskedVigilanteM.jpg MaskedVigilanteF.jpg Masked Vigilante, dispensing Justice Defeating vigilante justice opponents (in the quad?) while wearing the Vigilante's mask and repaired Vigilante pistol or show Vigilante pistol
Pusher PusherM.jpg PusherF.jpg Dealing Eclipse For driving demand in gang warfare*
Treasure Hunter Treasure-Hunter-M.jpg Treasure-Hunter-F.jpg Looking for the next big haul For doing Big M's Maps 20-30? times
Mad Scientist Red-Goggles-M.jpg Red-Goggles-F.jpg Experimentation at its finest Probably crafting while under the effects of etheric and red lenses for laughs and then killing opponents with sciencey techniques
Tamer of Secrets HrafnagudM.jpg HrafnagudF.jpg Master of the winds and those who fly on them Use the Raven's Eyes technique four times (following 2 etheric, 2 stealth, 2 fire, and 2 ranged techniques) wearing an owl's mask, jagged hawk talon, feathered cloak, raven's eyes, and crystal raven feather (or other (crystal?) feather?) while joining or active in PvP. You do not have to fight PvP opponents, but it's possible (untested) that you need all 4 types of raven's eyes to be in your PvP deck (i.e. perform them within a reasonable number of combats).
Student of Roy earliestadopterM.jpg earliestadopterF.jpg Busy with important computer stuff Successfully commanding the Pale Swordsman after wearing him down.
Whipstitched Stiched%20Avatar%20M.jpg Stiched%20Avatar%20F.jpg Pieced together with Science! Defeating the Stitched Creation
True Royalty allhailM.jpg allhailF.jpg In full regalia Gaining enough scrolls of lineage while in full regaila and/or something to do with pretenders?
Ecofuel Persona AerobincSalespersonM.jpg AerobincSalespersonF.jpg Showing off the latest and greatest from Aerobinc Putting enough fuel in the Ecofuel Flamethrower / unlocking ~40 techniques (Avatar unlocked through feeding interface)
Maze Explorer MazeDelverM.jpg MazeDelverF.jpg Delver into shifting secrets Descending to the 36th floor within the shifting maze.
Dusty Adult dreaming%20dust%20adult%20M.jpg dreaming%20dust%20adult%20F.jpg Be a grownup Completing all 6 endings to the wispy hospital pants?
Bug Catcher bug%20catcherM.jpg bug%20catcherF.jpg A top notch bug enthusiast Complete the collection in your bug display and view it with a bug net equipped.
October 2018 Patron october%202018%20avatarM.jpg october%202018%20avatarF.jpg A mirrored mask for a masquerade. Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of October 2018
November 2018 Patron November%202018%20avatar%20M.jpg November%202018%20avatar%20F.jpg Enjoying the fall foliage, it's the best for sniping Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of November 2018
December 2018 Patron december%2018%20M.jpg december%2018%20F.jpg Prepared for winter combat Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of December 2018
January 2019 Patron January%2019%20M.jpg January%2019%20F.jpg Out with the old year Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of January 2019
February 2019 Patron February-19-M.jpg February-19-F.jpg Shoot, Love Hunter Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of February 2019
March 2019 Patron march-19-M.jpg march-19-F.jpg Helping brew a game Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of March 2019
April 2019 Patron AprilShowersM.jpg AprilShowersF.jpg April showers Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of April 2019
May 2019 Patron MayWalkerM.jpg MayWalkerF.jpg Bandaged walker Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of May 2019
June 2019 Patron juneflowersM.jpg juneflowersF.jpg Super suave Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of June 2019
July 2019 Patron shojulyM.jpg shojulyF.jpg Summer clothes and a little Zaibatsu flare Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of July 2019
August 2019 Patron happybirthdayM.jpg happybirthdayF.jpg Happy Birthday Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of August 2019
September 2019 Patron back-to-schoolM.jpg back-to-schoolF.jpg Back to School Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of September 2019
October 2019 Patron SpiderweenM.jpg SpiderweenF.jpg Spider choices Being a Fashionable tier Patreon supporter at the start of October 2019
Cyborg CyborgM.jpg CyborgF.jpg presumably something to do with cyberware in pvp; only the image has been found through url guesswork

The avatar name can be found by mousing over the avatar on the "Avatars" section of your account preferences pages. The alt text can be found by viewing the source of that page.

Custom Avatars

Zack started selling custom avatars on March 29th. To get one, you can purchase an antique camera for 6 unearthly coins (~$30). You can write a short paragraph describing your portrait and Puyo will draw it. Expected turnaround is a number of weeks (though first batch took much less time) - depends on how busy Kinak/Puyo are.

For a list of custom avatars that have been given out, see custom avatars by ID.


*I got this while driving demand in the docks. The demand for drugs was up to 16 or so, so I was at it for a while. (Another data point, I got mine when drug demand hit 22.) (Another data point: I pushed the drug demand up to 30, and then up to 20 the next day and still didn't get it - bad luck or do you need to push it in all four locations a certain amount? A few days later, I finally got it when I pushed the drugs up to 3 in the quad (first time today), when I had been pushing it there all day yesterday. So it looks like there's not a minimum value, or for a specific location.)

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